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Chabiya: As Adamawa gets a Man in the saddle, coordinating NALDA’s affairs


Chabiya: As Adamawa gets a Man in the saddle, coordinating NALDA’s affairs

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The Adamawa State National Agriculture Land and Development Authority (NALDA) is now revolving within the ambit of a focused coordinator, Mr Chabiya Denham giving glaring assurance that the Federal government anchor borrowers program benefits well the people of the State.

Chabiya while in the office administering files

About two years on the saddle of this people oriented project, Chabiya has achieved quite a lot in the disbursement of Agriculture inputs to all subscribers and beneficiaries in the twenty one Local Government areas. The achievements by the erudite NALDA Coordinator came from a high work ethics and overarching commitments to productivity and efficiency. This is also mirrored in the tremendous growth in the in the project that is stretched to support the Urban -rural farmers.

The dream of the Adamawa NALDA coordinator is the enrich the state with massive Agricultural produce in an effort to chase away hunger and famine in the Land as a result of incessantly fight between herders and farmers, insecurity threats of Kidnappers and Bandits, Boko Haram and all sorts of insurgency.

Chabiya has keyed in to the renewed hope and vision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of making sure Nigeria is having more than enough food and export many to strengthen the country’s economy with Gross Domestic products that can give the nation a better foreign reserve.

For this, Chabiya has deeply rooted in Adamawa communities projects in the area of Agriculture. The glaring and visible evidences of this is the numerous projects and services he rendered. Giving sure benefitting communities are not left behind.

Because of his enigma nature of wisdom, excellent ideas, he widely admired for his courage, charisma, sound character and intelligence. This makes him to wine and dine with both the lowly and highly placed individuals in the society.

To Chabiya, the service to his father land is a service to God, he can’t derail from left neither go right in failing the government of President Bola and the people of Adamawa State by giving the best service for Mankind.

It’s more of a good Man is up top in the saddle of NALDA’s affairs, riding the chariots of success and deliver dividends of democracy to all people of Adamawa State