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Coordinating national security & the systematic fitting of square peg in round hole


Coordinating national security & the systematic fitting of square peg in round hole

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Haruna Yusuf

It is pertinent to evaluate and dissect the relevant role of coordinating national security advisor, and much ado in president Tinubu choice of appointment.

The national security advisor is officially known as the assistant to the president on national security affairs, the national security advisor the more commonly used tittle- has a role defined as much by the chief as by the law. The position did not exist as such but created by political dispensation.

As the chief counsellor to the president on matters of national security, the advisor hold a role of unquestioned significance. The national security advisor participates in meetings of the NSC and usually chairs meetings of the principal committee of NSC with CDS those meetings are not attended by the president. The national security advisor also sits on the homeland security council HSC. The national security advisor is supported by NSC staff who produce classified research and briefings for national security advisor to review and present, either to the NSC or the president. The national security advisor is appointed by the president and does not require confirmation by the Nigeria senate. An appointment of a general to the role requires senate confirmation to maintain that rank in the new position.

The national security advisor is appointed by the president and does not require the confirmation from Nigeria senate based on the power bestowed on him as the commander-in-chief of the Nigeria armed forces.

Section 171(1)(2) says the power to appoint person to hold or act in the offices to which the section applies and to remove persons appointed from any such office vest in the president, it went further to provide in subsection (2) the offices to which this section applies.

The office of national security advisor is occupied by person with military background because of the complexity and should be a general to enable in keeping the country strong, secure and prosperous and advancing our national security objectives.

The national security advisor should be a disciplined military man that command respect and be simultaneously strong and collegial, able to enforce discipline across the government yet engage senior officials.

In order to coordinate national security and systematic fitting of the square peg in round hole, a retd military icon was chosen as the minister of defense at the time the war of boko haram was at it’s peak. The valiant general doesn’t keep your shoes clean and he doesn’t suffer his with pleasure, he matches on leading and commanding the mission.

Why Nigerians, especially the northeast/west always recommend the defense guru, is because of his exceptional achievements and service delivery mandate as minister of defense.

In my curiosity to know about the military icon who brought lasting peace to my region, i carried out a covert research on his person before formerly meeting him one-on-one. And as we kept talking, chatting i came to understand his persona and how he was able to achieve the lasting peace cut across the country in just a short while as minister of defense.

The retd valiant general served in different command and staff capacity, some of which includes commanding the Nigeria contingent supporting the united nations, Africa hybrid mission in Sudan. With all these positions held during his service, gives him the insight to solution and the experience and exposure he cultivated makes it easy for the defense guru to bring lasting peace to the most terrorized northeast/west and cut across the country.

Flying blind: The then Nigeria minister of defense protested not to pay up unless the restriction are relaxed, saying he will discuss the matter with the USA Ambassador. The military Icon left indelible footprint through his policy of original and direct procurement of equipment from the manufacturer via govt to govt policy, eg the procurement of super tucano fighter Jet.

No oil, no money, no deal, the defense guru presided over what was advertised as military drill of 10,000 soldiers including special forces around the creeks of twon-brass on the nun river bayelsa, a safe distance down the coast from abaramatu.

Buhari resets the clock ticking and appointed certified professionals in their fields, the defense and foreign affairs minister, a barrister and previous deputy director for development at the world intellectual property organization in Geneva Switzerland.

The defense guru can be the most effective and efficient key figure in shaping strategy both on the remnant boko haram in the northeast and on the rumblings of Kidnappers and armed banditry and other forms of criminality across the country.

The retd general was confirmed as a cabinet minister by Nigeria senate and was appointed minister of defense by president muhammadu buhari at the time boko haram was at it’s peak in the northeast. He did not not just became the minister of defense by mistake or opportunity considering his vast wealth of military background, experience towards security and commanding of constraint office’s inner working and service delivery mandate. Today Nigerians especially the good people of northeast are ever ready to reel facts about him and his legacy as minister of defense.

The defense guru maintained a constraint office of the minister of defense a role that comes with high visibility, still when rated by how he was able to operate and bring to the barest minimum the security challenges facing the nation then, his records are strong and speaks volume, this offers a good example of his expertise.

The general’s main characteristics are resilience, experience, integrity, consistency and dedication to duty at all times. What made him the best was his foresight vision, strategic planning and the ability to command and serve to the best of his ability by delivering fruitful results.

Without iota of doubt and contradiction this outstanding general of no mean repute is always the best based on his track records and the ability in commanding par excellence.

A level headed servant of all times, a servant who is beyond reproach and outstanding to the core. The best minister of defense Nigeria has ever witnessed if reports making the rounds are anything to go by? I wish him the very best in his endeavours.

Haruna yusuf is an editor, political analyst, public commentator and the publisher of Daily Hint newspaper writes from abuja.