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Count Aminu Sani Jaji out of sponsoring protest against Matawalle- Group


Count Aminu Sani Jaji out of sponsoring protest against Matawalle- Group

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By Idris Tanimu, Kaduna 

A group under the auspices “Voice of Zamfara”, has played down the allegation that Aminu Sani Jaji, a member of House of Representatives, representing Birnin Magaji/Kaura Namoda federal constituency of sponsoring a protest at EFCC in Abuja calling on the Commission to arrest and investigate the Minister of State, Defence, Bello Matawalle on allegations of misappropriation of N70 billion missed during his tenure.

A statement issued by Abubakar Matawalle, Secretary General of the group observed that those behind the accusations are desperate to reintroduce political thuggery and instability in the state, despite what the state has been experiencing, security wise. 

He said, “It is established that anyone who knows the former governor of Zamfara state and the present Minister of Defence (state), would not be surprised if he sees such accusations coming from people supporting him; attempting to introduce political instability, baselessly accusing those he tagged political threats and anyone who’s not with him, politically and otherwise. He did this when he was the governor against many of his friends who were not with him politically and socially and they are still alive to account and confirm this.

“With the above-mentioned character of Bello Matawalle, one doesn’t bother to take him serious anymore, not even his principal who appointed him Minister of State Defence out of compassion, but in order not to allow our innocent indigenes of our dear state and the generality of the people to be deceived by these false allegations and shedding of crocodile tears, there’s need to put the record straight and remind the Honourable Minister that what he did during his tenure as our governor, is there fresh in our minds. The allegations contained in the press release against the person of Hon. Aminu Sani Jaji are directly applicable to Bello Matawalle himself while the remaining ones very laughable and flabbergasted.”

He lamented that Aminu Sani Jaji was accused of not supporting President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, saying that the House of Representatives member has been a strong supporter of President Tinubu since he declared his intention to vying the presidency.

He added, “Aminu Sani Jaji was the Director of Contact and mobilisation committee (PCC) of Bola Tinubu in the North-West where he engaged a lot of his personal money, travelled all over the country canvassing support for Ahmed Bola Tinubu.”

The Secretary General called on the people of Zamfara state to disregard any accusation against  the lawmaker, alleging that the accusation is coming from those “expired politicians who robbed their treasury empty and left their children unable to even write their WAEC and NECO”. 

He explained that Aminu Sani Jaji isn’t behind Matawalle’s travails, stressing that the people should not be carried away from what those people requested for, but everyone be accountable to his actions during his administration.

According to him, “We believe all these false allegations are just political vendetta to checkmate the political popularity Aminu Sani Jaji is now enjoying in Zamfara state and this is posing threat to their political journey and ambitions. That’s why they resolved to political war against the person of Aminu Sani Jaji. But this would not change the narration, because we, in Zamfara state are now politically wise and determined to choose between patriotic persons with capacity that can translate vision into reality and political liabilities who are all out to enrich themselves through the government coffers.”


He believed that it is a calculative plan to tarnish the image of Aminu Sani Jaji because of his snappy rising popularity in the state that has thrown them into political oblivion that poses great danger and threats to their political umpire and temple as well trying to set the state into political instability. 

“Zamfara state now needs peace and stability and we distanced ourselves from political thuggery. We need leaders not rulers. Leaders with the fear of God and leaders who can strive to translate vision into reality. The era of political slavery has expired,” he emphasized.