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Delu James: The Loyalty of APC Woman and her stewardship in NSIPA for nation building


Delu James: The Loyalty of APC Woman and her stewardship in NSIPA for nation building

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Submission, sacrifice, willingness, and total loyalty are the inbuilt qualities in Mrs. Delu James Yakubu who has been exhibiting for the growth and development of the All Progressives Congress (APC). She has proven beyond doubt that her political life revolts around the tenets of her party. Delu characterizes the APC’s manifesto. Decked with the party’s ideology since the inception of its existence. This is to say that the Young woman has a fraternal bond with APC to leave, work And die as a party woman.

Her recent appointment as the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA) coordinator is a confirmation of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s promises of rewarding loyal members. With her appointment, Mr President has proven is a Man of his words and live by it.

This is to say, loyalty pays, especially to those who are consistent and patient. Delu’s staunch and unwavering loyalty is known to all party members in Adamawa state. She lived to the preachings of the APC party and campaigned for Tinubu under the BAT wagon of the Presidential campaign election. She mobilized women and Youth, and she organized contact teams to grassroots voters, despite the strong opposition of both presidential and governorship elections in Adamawa State, Delu delivered her units and many more in her ward of Garaha, Hong Local Government.

Delu’s loyalty was much noticed when she pitched her tent with the APC strategy campaign under Dr. Betta Edu, the present Minister of Humanitarian. She followed the BAT campaign to all states and visited many local governments with Betta preaching Tinubu’s agenda. She was indeed a resilient follower.

Her appointment was purely on a reward basis. She paid her due, and Tinubu remembered her for good to serve Nigerians.

Delu’s wealth of experience in her career as an agricultural expert, her years of experience in business, and her socio-economic knowledge will keep her through the sailing boat of paddling the NSIPA to serve the country’s interest. She got the ideas, she got the abilities and the capacity to do much more than expected.

Her commitment to serving humanity through her pet project in Adamawa over the years made her the right choice to serve Nigerians. Her life described by many was philanthropic all flow toward human building. She is a humanist who has been sponsoring the less privileged in various school of higher learning, fighting the cause of the downtrodden, and feeding many who lack what to eat on daily basis.

When it comes to service to humanity, Mrs. Delu is a thorough breed, she has the will zeal, passion, and all the qualifications to manage NSIPA well for the overall good of all Nigerians.

She will give the best, she will serve the country and do all she can to build Nigeria through the NSIPA office where Justice, Unity and Peace shall reign.

Tom Garba
Wrote this from Abuja, Nigeria