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Demolition: Limit Political Drunkenness To Rivers, APC Chieftain Slams Wike For Demolishing Bayelsa Properties


Demolition: Limit Political Drunkenness To Rivers, APC Chieftain Slams Wike For Demolishing Bayelsa Properties

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A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Hon. Yekini Nabena, has slammed the Rivers state governor Nysome Wike for ordering demolition of Bayelsa state properties located in Port Harcourt.

Nabena warned the outgoing governor Wike not to extend what he described as “political drunkenness” beyond Rivers state, adding that state properties should not be used to settle personal political scores between the two governors.

The River state governor had ordered demolition of two properties belonging to the Bayelsa state government.

Wike also reportedly told newsmen that he did not regret authorizing the demolition of the said properties in Port Harcourt, the state’s capital, claiming that he had urged governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa state to renovate the dilapidated property located along Akasa Street in the old government residential area because it defaced the area.

But in a statement released Friday, the Bayelsa born APC chieftain, condemned Wike’s action, adding that the governor was only trying to fight Diri dirty politically, using state properties.

Nabena warned the outgoing governor Wike not to cause unnecessary rivalry between both Rivers and Bayelsa, which are sister states, with a long history of cordiality, adding that the matter could have been amicably resolved.

According to Nabena, demolishing Bayelsa state properties, a neighbouring state, is a total disrespect to the people of Bayelsa state and the Ijaw Nation atlarge.

Nabena said despite Wike’s political intimidation of his people in Rivers state, the just concluded 2023 general election has shown that the people of Rivers state are sick and tired of Wike’s style of politics and they can’t wait for May 29 to come for him to leave and become history.

He said: “As a Bayelsa son, I felt slighted and offended that Governor Wike is trying to rewrite history by redefining a long time relationship between Rivers state and Bayelsa state.

“The whole world is in the know the political rivalry between Governor Wike and Governor Diri of Bayelsa state within their People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Such is not new in politics but fighting a whole state and Ijaw Nation because of their individuals political ego is way beyond comprehension.

“In 2019, when the going was good between the two governors, Wike even spearheaded the Supreme Court case against the APC. At this time Wike did not thought of demolishing Bayelsa state properties but because Governor Diri did not support Wike’s failed presidential ambition during PDP’s primary election, he has suddenly woke up remember that Bayelsa state properties are defacing an area in Port Harcourt. This is unacceptable.

“I will, therefore, call on Governor Wike to limit his dictatorship and political drunkenness to Rivers state. The Ijaw Nation will not tolerate disrespect, Bayelsa people will not bow to Wike’s god and as a state Wike cannot force his political interest over us, Bayelsa is not Rivers,” Nabena warned.

While calling on the elders and Chief in Ikwere land to call Wike to order, the APC chieftain also urged the River state governor not to undermine the Ijaw Nation.

“Governor Wike should rather sortout his personal political problem with Governor Douye Diri and never try undermine the Ijaw Nation.