Dr Norris:A Gift To A Generation: Happy Birthday to a Weapon Called the Liberator


Dr Norris:A Gift To A Generation: Happy Birthday to a Weapon Called the Liberator

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It is believed that every generation is blessed with its own liberator, in every system, in every affair and in every regime, there is a leader that emerges by destiny to fight for liberation of the people. Such persons are endowed naturally with abilities beyond normal mortals such that they navigate life with so much ease. One particular distinctive characteristic of such gifted persons is their consistent humility with which they stun the world. Despite their exceptional qualities, they don’t parade themselves as supper humans as they see themselves as a gift to humanity to serve and to proffer solutions rather than lords of their time. They are resilient, dogged and enthusiastic about anything that will be of common good of the people. Such people tend to forget themselves most times because of their care for others.

For a life of a humble man nothing to say that John Ruskin has not said.
“The first test of a truly great man is his humility. By humility I don’t mean doubt of his powers or hesitation in speaking his opinion, but merely an understanding of the relationship of what he can say and what he can do.”
If you have not met Chief Dr Norris Giscard Stanley, one attribute he will stunt you with on a first contact of meeting him is his humility. Chief Norris is man who never doubted himself and he does not worry about how he is regarded as he is not acceding to praises and accolades that can make other persons walk shoulders high. He is just himself.

We are blessed in this generation with such impeccable personality a quintessential servant of his generation, a man who became of the most revered title holder of his ancestral land at the youngest age ever in recent history. Chief Giscard Norris Stanley PhD+, MIAD; MBA; milgad;mitfan;acm;amnim, the Ngunbosa Muna Imm Ba Kikan Mbula; is a man who by choice of providence rarely had the chance to clap hands for anyone in the classroom all his school life, as he was always being clapped for by his contemporaries.

Coming from a respected but humble background Dr Norris went from pure science background to get a PhD with Distinction in a pure arts discipline that rarely have the luxury of an A Degree. He left University of Maiduguri with B.Sc. Honours in the Sciences and took up a carrier in Banking starting with a National Youth Service (NYSC) at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in the then black most populous capital city in the world.

To have served meritoriously at the CBN in Lagos, Dr Norris was a hot cake for banks in the country. He spanned through the hard road of banking and garnered experience in key banking sectors such as: foreign exchange management, domestic operations, credit and debt recovery, inspection; regional banking and business development.

Dr Giscard rose to become a regional manager in both Skye Bank (now Polaris) and Equatorial Trust Bank (now Sterling Bank). When he was to leave the sector many termed him as a fellow that choose self-oblivion, alas, only him knew the path of destiny he was towing. A man guided on wheels of destiny, pushed on and pursued his ambition of getting a PhD in International History and Diplomacy (with Distinction). Why he did that, only posterity knew. Nevertheless, little did he know that he was beckoned to be the intellectual warrior of warriors, hence the sobriquet – the liberator!

At the appointed time to deploy his historical and international relations knowledge, he was drafted to work on a Shadow Report on the violations of Human Rights to be presented at the United Nations Human Right Council at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Nigeria in November, 2018. His work gained acceptance and he was invited to Geneva, Switzerland where he met with renowned missions including the Permanent Missions of Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, USA, among others including the UN Repertoire on Extra-judicial Killings to discuss issues on Human Right promotion in Nigeria. His work brought light on the need for the international community to push for protection of human lives in the North East and particularly, to find lasting solutions to herders trespasses and farmers reverse aggressions in Numan Federation. This effort paid off and is still paying off as work is on-going in the area of Peace building and conflict prevention in which he is actively involved and very very committed!

A time came for head-hunting on who should be saddled with the responsibility of managing one of the most important institutions in Adamawa State. Search went round and Chief Dr Giscard Norris Stanley was singled out to come and manage the affairs of the Adamawa Homes and Savings (Mortgage Bankers) by His Excellency Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri. Dr Norris came on board and today so much is happening already. For those who are familiar with the nature of this one important profit making outlet of the state, you will agree that it will only take a selfless and dogged individual like Dr Norris to revive and bring profit to the state and provide housing to the people of the state as part of their democratic aspirations/dividends.

In his usually strategy, already he has put in place mass account enrolment plans where tens of thousands of Adamawa indigenes both at Home and abroad will own and operate an account with the Adamawa Homes and Savings. He tagged the programme “Adamawa Own Your Home.” Dr Norris is also wooing civil servants who have houses already to operate an account that will help them get facilities for home renovation and upgrading. He plans to cover also small business owners who earn petty incomes daily to operate petty savings for housing. Come to Adamawa Homes and savings you will see that the work environment and attitude towards works have changed.

Today 24th August, 2020 mark another birth year for the fine gentleman and generalissimo. Chief Dr Giscard Stanley Norris clocks 53 years today. For this man who graduated from the university at the age of 22.He advanced his career to be a bank manager and to be a regional Manager in his 30s. Dr Norris become a traditional title holder at 38 and backed his PhD all so within these ages.
Today we celebrate this leader, global citizen, erudite scholar, researcher, internationally recognised Human Right Advocate, Writer, Financial expert and seasoned banker.

Dr Giscard Norris Stanley had the privilege of being one of the Gongola State’s candidates at the Armed Forces Selection Board of the 38th Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in 1986.

A man committed to family life, Dr Norris had blissful family life, was happily married until he lost his wife to the cold hands of death in 2015. Father of two intelligent boys he has kept a great memory of his matrimonial life.

Chief Norris has been a Champion in playing Table Tennis. He was the Table Tennis Champion of: Numan Federation (1982); Gongola State Champion (1980/1987); COBSASG (1985); Borno State/UniMaid (1986/1987) and NUGA (1990)

Happy Birthday the Liberator – the World will always give way to the man who knows where he is going (Apologies to Ralph Waldo Emerson)