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Eagle Square: Tinubu misses steps while boarding parade vehicle, falls


Eagle Square: Tinubu misses steps while boarding parade vehicle, falls

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. It’s mere misstep, says presidential media aide

President Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday, missed his steps, slipped and fell while boarding the parade vehicle at the Eagle Square venue of the 2024 Democracy Day.

But in a swift reaction, Tinubu’s Special Adviser on Social Media, Olusegun Dada, said what happened was only ‘a mild misstep,’ stressing that there was no cause for alarm.

The President had earlier delivered a nationwide broadcast on Wednesday morning.

Shortly after he arrived at the Eagles Square, Abuja venue of the programme, Tinubu had attempted to climb into the vehicle that would convey him for a parade at Eagle Square in commemoration of Democracy Day.

But as he was about to step into the vehicle, he suddenly lost his balance and went down on the floor of the vehicle.

He was immediately surrounded by military officers and some of his personal aides who supported him to get back on his feet.

Tinubu quickly regained his balance and continued with the proceedings.

He was dressed in a white native attire, popularly known as agbada and his signature cap.

The parade later continued with President Tinubu waving his hands to the crowd as the vehicle continued to move slowly.

The Eagle Square parade was part of a series of events scheduled to mark Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebration.

Tinubu’s media aide, Dada, however, in a post on his X handle on Wednesday, said, “Mr President missed his step while climbing into the truck at the June 12 Democracy Day celebration and tripped. It was a mild misstep. He immediately went on with the ceremonial rounds. No issues.”

Dada’s statement followed the circulation of videos showing the moment President Tinubu lost his balance while stepping into the vehicle.

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