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Ecolink Institute Alumna, Launches Drug Prevention Initiative In Nigeria


Ecolink Institute Alumna, Launches Drug Prevention Initiative In Nigeria

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By Hassan Umar Shallpella

Adamawa state born indigene, Margaret Kwa’ada Julius, an alumna of the Ecolink Institute of Well Being India, has launched drug prevention Initiative at Nana Berry Orphanage Ado, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

The launching of the programme coincided with Global Drug Day which focused on educating and engaging less privileged children on the dangers of drug abuse and smoking.

She also inaugurated the Tobacco/Substance Abstinence Club and the Launch of “80 Poems for Prevention Professionals for Child and Youth Awareness,” as part of her initiative in the fight against drug abuse among children.

The poems, aligned with the 2024 theme “The Evidence is Clear: Invest in Prevention,” captivated the audience and emphasized the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

In her speech, Margaret Kwa’ada Julius provided a comprehensive briefing on the goals of the Tobacco/Substance Abstinence Club and the significance of the 80 poems. She stressed the importance of early drug prevention education and the impact of creative tools on young minds.

She said the 80 poems will be handed over to the Ecolink Institute of Well Being, adding that for a free soft copy of the poem can be obtain from Dr. Thomas Scaria, the Director of Ecolink.
The award winner noted that drug prevention initiative represents a significant milestone in the fight against drug abuse among less privileged children and youth in Nasarawa State.
According to her, the innovative use of poetry as a preventive tool underscores the power of creative education in fostering a drug-free generation.

Earlier in her welcome address, the head teacher, Mrs. Bilinda Joseph, noted that the event aimed to inform the children and promote a drug-free lifestyle through innovative and creative methods.
She extolled Margaret Kwa’ada Julius for her outstanding efforts and committed to including drug prevention programs in the school calendar, noted that the poems would facilitate their work in protecting the children’s health.

The head of Press Club of Nana Berry Orphanage commended the Ecolink Institute of Well Being for their excellent training programs and support.
Annabel Akushi, a participant, appreciated the uniqueness of the program, highlighting its potential to enhance children’s mental health protection.

Mrs. Amina Zubairu, a teacher at the orphanage, was impressed by the initiative and promised to integrate the poems into their educational activities.
The initiative received enthusiastic feedback from both the children and the orphanage management. The children were particularly excited about the poems and the concept of the Abstinence Club. The orphanage management expressed their gratitude to Margaret for her innovative approach, recognizing the potential of the poems to maintain children’s awareness about their health and mental well-being.

The orphanage community looks forward to promoting health and well-being, inspired by the impactful work of Margaret and the Ecolink Institute of Well Being.

Highlight of the event was the recitation of poems by children from various educational levels, which reinforced the anti-drug message.

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