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Economy downturns: Frogs meat business booms in Kaduna,


Economy downturns: Frogs meat business booms in Kaduna,

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Economy downturns: Frogs meat business booms in Kaduna,

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

There is a booming frogs market currently going on in Kaduna, Northwest part of Nigeria where cartoons of prepared frogs meats are package and send from Nigeria to neighbouring African countries, a development many attributed to the worsening economic hardship.

Located at Unguwar Gwari, Kaduna North area of Kaduna State, the frogs market is often besieged by some youths bringing the frogs they had caught from surroundings ponds and rivers to fight unemployment and job opportunities for themselves.

Through this business of drying frogs are sold and exported as meat, with the youths making a huge money on daily basis as demands for the frogs meat in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries are high.

Eating frogs are never heard stories especially in this part of the country, a development one of the frog meat eater who pleaded for anonymity said it’s cheaper and is can serve as substitute to fish and other sea meats like crayfish.

He also said that his new found delicacy on frog is as a result of poverty as the community where is coming from consider it a taboo and a no go area for any of their indigenes to eat frogs.

“If you are hungry nothing will not be your food. I know of some families that they go out every morning looking for a particular grass to use as their food. My Brother, there’s hunger in the Land.” He said

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