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Election Tribunal: You are a Political Scavenger, Fintiri lampoons Otunba, APC Chieftain


Election Tribunal: You are a Political Scavenger, Fintiri lampoons Otunba, APC Chieftain

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Press Statement:

Our attention has been drawn to a press briefing by one Umaru Mustapha a self-declared Otunba of Ekiti who traded the Labour Party governorship ticket for self-aggrandisement.

One can best describe the politician as suffering from hallucination and anguish.

The 2023 Labour Party candidate in Adamawa had in a news conference accused Governor Fintiri of supporting Ulama’s visit to President Tinubu on the impending Tribunal judgement in Adamawa.

Umaru Mustapha is a political scavenger and his actions would naturally attract my attention since it was, as usual, mindless chatter produced by his temporary relief from lunacy.

If his vision of reality differs from that of reasonable people, how did he become aware that the Governor had dispatched Ulamas to the President? At best, his remark was a combination of dishonesty, a lack of comprehension, and an entry into interference and laziness.

The devil’s habitat is an idle hand and heart, such as Mustapha Umaru’s. We could normally dismiss his babbling, but in this day and age, when even the most unsophisticated of minds have access to information, it’s necessary to put things in their proper context and perspective.

Umaru Mustapha is looking for attention after failing to be recruited by the APC candidate in Adamawa during the last election.

Nigerians will never forget Hudu Yunusa Ari’s illegal declaration of a candidature in the middle of an election that sparked global outrage and was condemned by the APC as a party.

Every Nigerian is aware of the situation between Hudu Yunusa and INEC, which has been halted because the prosecution of the suspended REC has been temporarily postponed due to another matter launched in Abuja.

Umaru Mustapha’s outburst towards Fintiri appears to be prompted by obvious reasons known to many. For a thorough understanding, it is necessary to study and consider the numerous circumstances that can cause such emotional responses.

Financial security can have major psychological and emotional implications. When people are anxious about money, tension, annoyance, and even wrath can arise.

I am aware that personal and family financial pressures may be taxing, but I had no clue Mustapha’s weight would be so visible in Adamawa.

Mustapha must find appropriate outlets for frustrations and fears, such as engaging in constructive arguments, connecting with like-minded people, or joining advocacy groups dedicated to tackling economic issues not sitting in the comfort of your house to churn lies and innuendoes.

Connecting with others who are going through similar difficulties can provide you with validation, encouragement, and ideas on how to proceed.

I expect him to make something useful of his rage. Use it as a springboard for reflection and change. Manage his wisdom wisely if there is any remaining, assess your talents, and look for methods to advance or new employment opportunities that can benefit you financially rather than accusing the Governor of the slightest provocation.

He should Seek out educational books, courses, or financial planning services if he needs assistance navigating the financial world or improving his existing financial status.

Finally, it comes to reason that his mental and emotional health will mirror his financial situation.

The Governor does not require any Ulama to pay a courtesy visit to the President following a fair and square election, but we understand the factors that have contributed to your dissatisfaction.

Humwashi Wonosikou
Writes from Yola