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EMMANUEL MUSA – ‘EMNAMU’: The Philanthropic Good Samaritan, By Mazi Uchenna


EMMANUEL MUSA – ‘EMNAMU’: The Philanthropic Good Samaritan, By Mazi Uchenna

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“But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, had compassion on him. And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him” – Luke 10:33-34.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others” – Martin Luther King Jr.

In the Biblical record of the ministry of Jesus, He shares the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’, with his disciples, the story was recorded in the gospel of Luke chapter 10, from verse 30 to verse 37. This story tells of a Samaritan who showed compassion to a wounded Jewish stranger, tending to his injuries and providing him with care and shelter. In that gospel, Jesus emphasizes the importance of helping others in need. The Samaritan’s actions serve as a reminder that anyone who extends a helping hand during times of distress and need is a true neighbor and friend. In the same vein, in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote earlier mentioned, addressing an audience in Montgomery, Alabama in 1957, he expresses the need to help people in need, which is the only responsibility of a man to his fellow man. These words of him still rings true on the minds of men till today. The question now is, what are we doing to those in our neighborhood and communities who need our help? Let’s all ponder on this question.

Today, we encounter only a few individuals who embodied the spirit of the Good Samaritan. Living in a world filled with evil and evil men, with rather wickedness, covetousness, selfishness, hate for one another on the increase, including the act of not wanting to help any, even at the point of death. But with all of these evil, hovering over our earth, there is still love, kindness and care in the heart of few; one of such is Dr. EmmanuelNachamada Musa, a remarkable Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, who against all odd will give, even if it means giving his last regardless of person’s background, religion, and ethnicity, he selflessly assists those in need. Emmanuel does not seek praise for his acts of kindness, instead, he focuses on putting food on the table of the down trodden, educating the poor and the academically disadvantaged in society, taking young people off the street that the society will be free from crime and giving them career opportunities to earn a good life.

This is the story of one of Nigeria’s young and outstanding humanitarians, whose work of benevolence have been speaking. Emmanuel Musa’s story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of our duty to serve both God and our fellow human beings. His selflessness and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others are remarkable and commendable. Through his actions, he exemplifies the true lifestyle of a good Samaritan. He understood the above, and have chosen the path of touching lives. He is the President and Founder of the Emnamu Foundation, a kind and caring gentle man who will rather spend his last to put a smile in the faces of the poor in society than invest to make profit for himself. Musa’s dedication to serving humanity is evident through the impactful work of the Emnamu Foundation, an organization he founded in 2020. He understood that wealth is not solely for personal gain but rather a responsibility entrusted by God to benefit both His kingdom and humanity. Unfortunately, not all individuals with wealth embrace this noble course. However, Musa has chosen to use his resources to bring joy and hope to the impoverished in society.

It is not out of place to say, that the founder of Emnamu Foundation anchors his humanitarian service on the biblical records in Proverbs 28:27, Proverbs 17:19 and Psalms 41:1, and I quote “Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curse”, “He that hath pity on the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will He pay him again”, “Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble”.

The purpose of this article is not to appraise the Philanthropic actions of the man Emmanuel Musa and hisfoundation, but to tell the world his story and appreciate all his diligence and commitment to the welfare of others. After witnessing the overwhelming and consistent humanitarian gestures he offers to his immediate constituency of Adamawa State, I have no option but to put pen to paper in appreciation of all the kindnessand initiatives of a Man of Purpose, who is doing his best to give back to society. We thank you for the love you have shown to humanity, ‘Mun Gode!’

There is an Igbo proverb that says, “Jide ki lji”, which means “hold unto what you have”. When someone tellsyou to hold onto what you have, it means that what you have is good. Indeed, Emmanuel Musa Emnamu’s chosen path is a sure way to serve God and humanity, for he has others’ best interests at heart. For this kindness, love and care for others, I say, ‘Jide ki Iji’.

From his early days of hustling, in automobile, real estate, and other good and profitable human pursuits, hegives freely, even if it means his last to stay empty. This is the extent of his kindness to others. As he grew into a larger portfolio, he began to understand that he needed to take men with him to reap the benefits of his God-given resources. He started giving alms and supporting men in areas where he was not at his best in his early life. However, as he grew older, acquired more intellectual and industrial experience and capacity, he realized that his humanitarian gesture needed to be organized in a better, more beneficial and befitting institution. This led to the establishment of the “Emnamu Foundation” in September 2020: engaging in healthcare support, educational support and empowerment/poverty eradication. These are the key projects that the Emnamu Foundation anchors upon to serve the communities within its reach as a corporate organization.

The Emnamu Foundation, Prospects and Deliveries

Emnamu Foundation, a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization, was established with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance to individual and communities in dare need of such, with a vision to touch lives and eradicate poverty among its constituency, and also working with the mission to support and encourage the less privilege, the aged, those with disabilities and special needs in society, with a strategy to change societal narrative through small but consistent efforts in achieving goals, working together with innovations for an impactful effort towards making the society in which we live a better place by lending helping hands in priority areas that demand immediate response and having the most significant impact on people’s lives. The organization’s membership cut across the 21 Local Government Areas of Adamawa State and some state(s) of the federation, while its leadership is headed by the founder Dr. Emmanuel N. Musa, President/CEO with Comrade Chakukuyada Godwin Kala’a as the National Coordinator.

The organization is structured to engage in humanitarian outreaches in healthcare, education, empowerment and Poverty eradication. Since inception, it has been consistent in its programmes and have its operations via the services of its staff and volunteers which is done solely and in rare times in partnership in the following areas:

Healthcare Support

One of the branches of the organization is the delivery of quality healthcare support to the people in need of such, especially in rural communities. The organization have in different times and places offer healthcare support in areas of cash donations, treatment and equipment, to individuals and primary healthcare centres through their healthcare outreaches:

Donations of wheelchairs to victims of polio and other cripple related disabilities to aid them work with ease and make life comfortable and worth living.
Cash donations to assist over 50 sick persons in hospitals (Specialist Hospital Yola and Modibbo Adama University Teaching Hospital Yola) to clear their medical bills.
In commemoration of the 2021 Menstrual Hygiene Day in Adamawa State, the organization through its programme sensitized young girls on the importance and modalities of maintaining good personal hygiene, donated sanitary pads and other toiletries to participants – May 2021.
Donation of wheelchairs and first aid boxes to various Primary Healthcare Centers in Adamawa state, including the less privileged in society, targeting Thirty Thousand beneficiaries within 8 Local Council Areas of Song, Gombi, Hong, Michika, Madagali Maiha, Mubi North and Mubi South.
Medical Outreach in Kwakwa’ah, Bangshika, Pella, Fadama Rake, Dakza and Kala’a, offering free treatment to the sick and performing minor surgery and climaxing it with the presentation of wheelchairs to the elderly who could no longer walk on their feet and many other supports.
Annual donation of cash and food items to patients in both Specialist Hospital Yola and Modibbo Adama University Teaching Hospital to mark his birthday and celebrate Christmas with the patients and staff of the hospital.
Periodic Healthcare outreach by the Women Wing of the foundation to Modibbo Adama University Teaching Hospital Yola, to offer healthcare support, donate cash and healthcare materials to patients, which ranges from toiletries, detergents, diapers, sanitary pads, etc.

Education Support and Scholarship

Education is the cornerstone that lays the groundwork for the future direction of people and the society they live in. it is a fundamental human right that is denied many people as a result of financial incapacitation and ignorance, hence it is the essential tool for exercising all other human rights, for social, economic and political participation. Emnamu Foundation have education as one of its cardinal objectives, to empower young people in knowledge and create a society of positive thinkers and productive human capital for development. They have engaged in the following:

Offer of scholarship to 1,500 Students of primary, secondary and tertiary institution of Adamawa state in 2022.
Distribution of over 100,000 teaching/learning and instructional materials to students and primary and secondary schools.
Building of blocks of classrooms and offices for primary and secondary schools across Adamawa state, such as Government Day Secondary School Bazza, Michika LGA, Garaha Primary School, Hong LGA and the installation of an Industrial borehole in Kala’a ‘A’ Primary School in Hong LGA.
Special Cash Gift to 200, 000 primary school pupils to mark and celebrate with them the 2024 Children’s Day. The gesture was rendered to students of community primary schools across the 21 LGAs of Adamawa state, where each child was gifted books and cash incentives to support and encourage them, promote academic excellence and reduce out of school children through increase enrolment. This is triggered by the founders love for children and education.
Reconstruction and commissioning of three blocks of classrooms and office for basic nursery and primary education in Yolde Pate Correctional Service Barracks to improve the teaching and learning of children of the Warders and other pupils within and around the environs.
Inauguration of the foundation’s Mega Scholarship Committee to reorganize its education support programme to fit in the educational need of the 21st century, with men of profession, competent and capacity headed by Prof. Aliyu Manpa’a of University of Maiduguri and co-chaired by Dahiru Dasin ofModibbo Adama University, Yola.
Awarding Academic Excellence to outstanding schools/students
The Foundation in conjunction with National Mathematical Centre and Adamawa State Ministry of Education, organized an Award Presentation Ceremony for outstanding schools/students of Adamawa State who participated and made it to the finals of the 2023/2024 Mathematics and Science Olympiad Competition for both junior and senior secondary categories held in Yola. The occasion was organized to award and promote academic excellence and instill the zeal to study in our students. The students rewarded are:

Junior category:
Nwafor Precious, FGGC Yola – Overall First
Lela Ayodeme Akintoye, Concordia College – First in Junior Informatics.
Timothy Kara Samuel, Deeper Life High school -First in Junior Science Olympiad

Senior category:

Jalabu Abduljalal AUN Academy – Overall First

Abubakar Nana Aisha, FGGC – First in Chemistry Olympiad

Janada Francis, Deeper Life High Schools – First in Physics Olympiad

Jepson Gift Homtapwa, FGGC – First in Biology Olympiad

Amina Idris/Mohammed Isa – First in Mathematics Olympiad

Empowerment and Poverty Eradication

The organization also engaged in empowering women and youths, supporting the aged, less privilege, children and the down trodden in society, to enable them live a meaningful life:

Presentation of palliative items to over Eleven Thousand less privileged people in Eight LocalGovernment Areas of Adamawa State – such items include wrappers, clothes and yards/clothing materials, sewing machines, buckets, grinding machines and various food items.
Supports to vulnerable and motherless children, by visiting the Motherless Baby Home across Adamawa state, with cash donations to both children and staff of the orphanage, urging the home managers to judiciously utilize all money and items effectively, take care of the children as if they are theirs, so as to bring up God fearing kids and responsible adults in the future.
Empowerment of youths with training and start-up capital for self-reliance.
Provided employment opportunities for young people in military and para-military agencies and other ministries, parastatals and private organizations, to earn a meaningful and productive life.
Mega Intervention of food and non-food items, distributed to 100,000 household beneficiaries within Adamawa state in 2022.
Cash support, especially for the sick, aged and other challenged persons in society.
Drilling of Solar-powered and hand-pumped boreholes in 100 communities of the state in 2022.
Freeing of 31 inmates from various Correctional Centres, with all their fines fully paid and compensation for them to find their way home into the society to start a new a meaningful life.
Provision of Sports Facilities for recreation and promotion of sporting activities in the state – May 2021.
Presentation of sports items which include basketballs, handballs, nets, and whistles to Hong metro town to propel unity and peaceful coexistence among the people through sports.
Organizes annual Novelty football match to promote sports and raise grassroot football stars in his hometown Kala’a and the state at large.
First Lady Empowerment Programme Phase One 2023
In an old adage, there is a saying that ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman’, but today it is said that ‘beside every successful man, there is a hardworking woman’. But in this context, I want to add my own, by saying beside every caring and philanthropic man, there is always a kindhearted woman. So is the story of Mrs. Azumi Emmanuel Musa, the wife of the founder and the first lady of Emnamu Foundation, who rolled out the first phase of her project, empowered 3000 women with skills in entrepreneurship with starter pack in cash and tools for a successful business in food and pastries.

Most recent of the organization’s intervention to ease the suffering of the less privilege persons in society, including persons living with disabilities was conducted on the 30th June, 2024 in honour of His Lordship Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Dami Mamza, Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese, at his Thanksgiving Service, marking his successful completion of six years stewardship as Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, Adamawa State. The intervention was organized in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Yola and held at the St. Theresa Catholic Cathedral Jimeta Yola premise. Items distributed. Include mattresses, vegetable oil, maize and rice for 500 beneficiaries, with other 500 receiving cash donation.

Special Housing Scheme (The Vulnerable Housing programme)

Construction of 300 family shelters for the homeless/older and challenged citizens living in dilapidated structures across the three (3) Senatorial zones of the state, with matrasses, beddings and food items to make for comfort in 2022. The projects, involves the demolition of the existing dilapidated structures and erecting new and befitting houses for the beneficiaries in their landed space in areas of Fachi, Wuroboki, Kala’a, Mile 7, Hong, Gombi Metro etc. Some of the beneficiaries contacted expressed appreciation to the foundation, especially the Founder for the benevolent gesture, among them include: Mrs. Hauwa Sa’ad (widow) Gombi Metro, Rahatu Meudu – Wuroboki, Kwayau Wafutsi – Mile 7, Adama Abdullahi – Hong, Amma Papa’a – Hong, Alisabatu Ezekiel, Kaka Kunari, Kaka Tara, Justina Kefas, and many others, that logistics and time could not allow their reach. It is also a great thing to note that the organization does not keep records of names of beneficiaries because they do not want to make reference to people because the organization have help them in one way or the other, rather they want everybody in need to have access to interventions and better lives, whoever he/she may be.
Construction of 300 VIP Latrines for community hygiene and eradication of public/open defecation in strategic public presence – 2022.

Emergency Response Projects:

Donation of cash, roofing sheets and other building material to over 50 households in Pella, Hong LGA of Adamawa state to help them put up a roof over their heads again, after the windstorm blew off their roofs and destroy houses in 2023, and many more. These are the acts of kindness offered to humanity by one individual and his organization, to alleviate the suffering of men, presenting a new phase of what our world should be, shining a ray of light for a better future that is worth waiting for.

From the mirror of the life of Dr. Emmanuel N. Musa and the Emnamu Foundation, one can undoubtedly says, he is wired to help people. Despite his wealth and affluence, his friendly and inclusive conduct towards ordinary people is not easily comprehensible at first glance. Because, despite possessing so much, his residence is always open to multitude of people, with visitors freely coming and going without any restrictions, even on their initial visit. Young people from all walks of life are welcomed into his living room, despite the assumption that many of them may be seeking assistance. The way he lives a simple and easygoing life, showing respect for individuals from all social classes, is truly remarkable. It is evident that God has blessed him with an exceptional character. Indeed, it is not in doubt that this personality and his humanitarian gesture of care and kindness have earned him honour from many quarters, among which are:

Humanitarian Man of the Year Merit Award 2022 – Nigeria Immigration Service.
Adamawa Hall of Fame Award of Humanitarian Man of the Year 2023.
Award of Excellence in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution and Dedication to Service to Humanity 2024 – LCCN Women Fellowship (Zumuntan Mata).
Most Outstanding Humanitarian of the Year 2024 – National Waves Newspaper and Magazine
Award of Excellence as Arewa Trust Newspaper Humanitarian Man of the Year 2021 – Arewa Trust Newspaper.
Africa Humanitarian and Philanthropic Service Award, in recognition of Outstanding Contribution towards the welfare of the masses in Nigeria and service to humanity – Revival in Africa (RIA).
Special Award of Excellence 2021, for Support on Education – Department of Mass Communication, Adamawa State University. And many others

In every man’s narrative, the key takeaway is always the legacy he leaves behind, once everything has been said and done, along with the lesson to be learned from it. Dr. Emmanuel Musa seemed to grasp this concept, evident in his decision to render help to humanity, as it aligns with the divine purpose of human interaction. This sentiment is further underscored by a statement made by one of his representatives during an event organized by the foundation in Hong LGA, and I quote, “Whoever gives to the poor, lends to the creator” – a passage taken from the Holy Bible. Emnamu Foundation has consistently approached it humanitarian efforts with a focus on serving both God and humanity, emphasizing that the true essence of generosity lies in the intention behind the act of giving, rather than the material value of the gift itself. “Generosity consists not of the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed” – Emnamu Foundation.

Dr. Emmanuel Nachamada Musa and your organization, Emnamu Foundation, the People salute you. Your story cannot be put together in one take, for everyone have his own side of the story to tell, your impact on their lives, as well as others around them, which is evident in the gratitude and admiration they express, from their own perspective and level of knowledge. Today, I add my voice to the chorus of appreciations for your remarkable and laudable humanitarian efforts and unwavering selflessness, especially in the face of challenging global economic conditions. Congratulations on the noble path you have chosen to walk, your legacy will be engraved in gold by history, treated kindly by posterity, and remembered fondly by many people long after you have passed, for dedicating your life to the well-being of all, bearing the burdens of many on your young and fragile shoulders.

On this final note, I joined other well-meaning Nigerians of goodwill to call on the Federal Government to bestow on Dr. Emmanuel Nachamada Musa a National Honour for his community service and love for fellow Nigerian citizens. A feat that even elected and appointed politicians are no close to doing such. Keep up the good work, heaven is watching and putting together a reward, for it can only be bestowed by God: Dr. Emmanuel Musa – Emnamu, a loving husband of one wife, and great father, you are indeed a Valuable Asset, a shining example of the Compassionate Good Samaritan.

This piece is to encourage service to humanity
Written By:

Mazi Uchenna Nwafor
Twitter: @nwaforboy

With Contribution from:
Akacha Daniel Samari
Director, Media and advocacy
Emnamu Foundation

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