Engr Nimrod, sport enthusiast commended for changing the face of Nigeria volleyball


Engr Nimrod, sport enthusiast commended for changing the face of Nigeria volleyball

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Engr. Musa Nimrod, a sport enthusiast was commended by supporting the course of the Nigeria volleyball team across the country.

The commendation was made by many fans of Kaduna volleyball club today while on training ground in Murtala Square.

According to them Nimrod is a familiar in the area of sport Since he took office as the president of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation in 2018, there has been a positive turnaround in Nigeria’s volleyball scene.

Rabiu Musa, one of the commentators said Nigeria Volleyball Under the leadership of Nimrod has experienced growth and progress that was not seen in the past.

He continued to say that prior to Engr. Nimrod’s ascension to the top spot in Nigerian volleyball, the sport was barely given attention but it is much better now than it was use to be.

“There was no structure, no organization and volleyball was only played in a few select parts of the country. The national teams hardly participated in international competitions and if they did, they hardly made any significant impact.

“But that was then. Today, Nigeria volleyball is on the rise. Engr. Nimrod has made sure that volleyball is not only played in the major cities but also in rural areas. He has ensured that all states in the country have their volleyball teams. He has established a structure that allows players to participate in various leagues and competitions.

“One notable achievement that was recorded under Engr. Nimrod’s leadership was Nigeria’s impressive performance at the African Under 19 Championships. The country has won the championship three times since 2019. This is a feat that has not been achieved by any other African country in recent times. Engr. Nimrod’s efforts have propelled Nigerian volleyball to greater heights and it is now seen as a sport with a great future.

“Engr. Nimrod has proven himself to be a game-changer in Nigerian volleyball. He has brought about a new dawn in the sport which is evident in the increasing interest and participation of young people in volleyball. The progress that Nigerian volleyball has experienced in the past few years is a testament to his passion and dedication to the sport.

“Engr. Musa Nimrod’s contribution to Nigerian volleyball cannot be overstated. His leadership has repositioned the sport and has made it more competitive and accessible to young people in different parts of the country. We hope that he continues to inspire and lead in his capacity as the president of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation. We say, “Engr. Nimrod, you too much!” he said