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Engr Sa’idu Njidda: The Story of a Living Legend


Engr Sa’idu Njidda: The Story of a Living Legend

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Tom Garba

He was born in Kapo village of Ribadu District, Fufore Local Government area of Adamawa State, to the lineage and descendants of Modibbo Adama, founder of Adamawa State. He is an enigma, a laude cum Engineer. He has mastered the act, the skills, and the nexus of both Agric and civil engineering. The Man is Engineer Sai’du Njidda, the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Equipment Leasing Registration Authority (ELRA).

The Man Njidda is extremely famous for philanthropic works, you call him a Human Engineering Genius and a Megastar lessor who is a Celeb of Human Development. Years ago the premier General Murtala College, a provisional secondary school that produced great Men in Northern Nigeria including the likes of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and many others was the school that Njidda finished with flying colours.

Njidda was one of the GMMC products, and moved with the spirit, agility, and tenancy of the Tiddo Yo Daddo initiative ability, meaning he who strives, excels. No wonder anywhere he goes, Njidda breaks records, and he succeeds with undeniable achievements.

He is living a life of sacrifice, a life of giving back to society whatever he gets. Recently being an alumni of the Late Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto established a school, Njidda provided a Water Cooler center, the only source of water presently in the college. It serves both teachers and students, using it in the kitchen dining, and the administrative parts of the school. The water cooler center was commissioned at General Murtala Mohammed College (GMMC) Yola a year ago still functioning well under its maintenance.

It was a rare project done to the Alma Mata school which is comprised of an underground sink Borehole, Overhead tank, Double Water filter, and 200 liters of constructed deep freezer cooler. The Project was done with the construction of shops fully stocked with learning materials for students’ needs. Five Water dispensers taps and many more.

Njidda, the living legend of our time graduated in 1981 after the project was completed he led a delegation of the college’s Old Boys Association presented to former President Muhammadu Buhari and was commissioned by the Emir of Kaura Namoda.

Njidda FNSE, the mni Engineer. He bagged the powerful small three-letter alphabet. It means that he attended One of the most cherished and respected schools of policy and strategy studies in Africa, situated in Kuru, Jos Northern Nigeria. He earned the mni letters that have distinctly made him a distinguished fellow of international reputation.

Coming out from the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPPS) Njidda got more skills and developed a Leadership ability. He grew up his passion for community development and connected the communities of Malibu and Dumne to the National Grid for a re-electrification project. Other villages like Tilde and many more benefited from the project.

His community service extended to the Zumo community area of Song Local Government, Adamawa State, and donated Speed Boats, and hand paddle Boats to help ferry people safely to the parts and banks of the rivers and communities. His community service as a philanthropist is notable in Song where roads were reconstructed, and in Karlahi, Gurin Primary Health Care was constructed.

The story of Njidda is told by the people of Maraban Chigari, Sabon Gari of which transformers were installed to them. He facilitated and consistently intervened since 2013 for Ferma to maintain Yola Fufore-Gurin Road. His love for humanity and community development made the District Head of Ribadu turbaned him with the revered traditional title of Jarumai Ribadu.In his archives are numerous awards from various organizations across the country. At the moment many NGOs and organizations within and outside the shores of Nigeria are asking for his consent to be awarded.

Recently the Fombina Grassroot Development Association (FOGDA), and Adamawa Association of Abuja gave him an excellent award for his commitment and dedication to his national duties as consultant lessor and COE of ELRA.

Njidda is no doubt a living legend of our time Many are looking and counting on him to change ELRA to better the life of in the country and to have the power to inspire people from all walks of life.

Great orators can and do change the world. They can speak simple and fundamental truths for all people and for all time. But it is not enough to simply convey a vision; you have to make firm political decisions and get things done to realize that vision. This is exactly what Jarumai Ribadu has done and still doing all his life in civil service.

A good leader is not made overnight and Jarumai is sure a good example of charity begins at home. He is a story of how a man was groomed to be a selfless leader with an innate ability and concerted effort to reach that height.
I do not doubt in my mind that Engr Sa’idu Njidda, FNSE,mni, the Jarumai Ribadu is redefining leadership and making history in Adamawa state and Nigeria as a whole.

I am not trying to paint Jarumai as a saint without any flaws. He had his shortcomings too, after all, to err is only human. There are a few things he did that could have been done in a better way. But if you are looking for a person close to perfection in life and humanity, look no further than Engr Sa’idu Njidda

He Wrote this article from Abuja-Nigeria
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