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FCT: You’re sidelining us, Arewa Youths complain over Wike’s Appointments


FCT: You’re sidelining us, Arewa Youths complain over Wike’s Appointments

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Youths from the Northern region of Nigeria have yelled out dozens of complaints to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu about how the current Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Barrister Nyesome Wike is excluding them in every one of his appointments.

The Youth under the banner of Reformed Arewa Youth Coalition (RAYC) called Wike to follow the principle of federal character in appointing Nigerians to his government.

According to them, the Minister has been violating the principles in dolling out those to work in the ministry, concentrating only on those from the South-South, especially those cronies in his political game plan.

President of the group, Comrade Attahiru Musa, emphasized the importance of upholding the principle of federal character in governmental decisions, cautioning against any actions that could undermine it.

During a press conference, the group expressed apprehension regarding what they perceived as a skewed pattern in Wike’s appointments.

They remarked, “The FCT Minister must reconsider his approach, as failure to do so may exacerbate ethnic and religious tensions, potentially disrupting the delicate peace in the FCT and its surroundings.

“Evidently, the FCT Minister seems to have overlooked the fact that the FCT serves as the nation’s Center of Unity, thus necessitating the prioritization of inclusivity above all other considerations.

They reminded Wike to understand that Abuja is for all Nigerians, a hub that binds together the corporate image of the nation, and he must make sure Nigeria does not break away because of his narrow thinking in making decisions.