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Fintiri is a product of an inconclusive election, God’s willing he will win again in the coming rerun-PDP Chieftain


Fintiri is a product of an inconclusive election, God’s willing he will win again in the coming rerun-PDP Chieftain

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…warns against name-dropping by some APC members

A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Hassan Mamman Barguma said the inconclusive election declared by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) in the aftermath of the 18th March Governorship and House of Assembly elections in Adamawa is not a new thing and the Party is never jittery.

According to him, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is a product of an inconclusive Election that has been coming out clean and neat because it was something done within the purview of the law.

Hassan a former Majority Leader in the Adamawa House of Assembly said the electoral act has laid down clear rules on how an election can be conducted, can be made inconclusive and a rerun be scheduled to follow suit.

He worried that All Progressives Congress (APC) members are turning the inconclusive election into a different ball game all together as if there has never been an inconclusive election in Adamawa state.

He asked why is it that desperate people are weaponizing the whole exercise as if they are the Alpha and the Omega of the election not INEC again?

According to him their desperation going around peddling the impossible agenda of declaring the APC Governorship candidate, Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani as the winner is a war drumming statement that deserves a gunshot warning of “it can never be possible”.

He advised that Binani foot soldiers should go back to their drawing board by campaigning to the people of 69 polling units if they can give her a wholesome 37,000 votes to beat Fintiri not to be charade on baseless issues.

The immediate past Member who represented Hong constituency in the state Assembly said the PDP has started talking, consulting, and campaigning massively to the people of the 69 units where a rerun was said is going to be carried out by INEC.

Hassan in an interview with this medium said the inconclusive declared by the INEC official is a matter of law and order and must be strictly followed according to the provision of the law for peace to reign.

He recalled how Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan respect the Law as an incumbent President abdicated his seat for a new government to come in.

He said peaceful handover to Fintiri on the same rerun election pattern as an incumbent Governor because he knew the power of Law and order.

“I’m advising Binani to concede for defeat and accept it in good fate because the rerun will never favor her but rather make us pass through undue pains and hardship over her desperation,” Barguma said

Hassan was also warned against name-dropping by some of Binani’s cronies and frowned at the high level of her desperation to become the next Governor of Adamawa.

“Binani’s cronies should not be intimidating the people of Adamawa State. Dropping names and name-calling so many prominent people is not good for the polity.

“We want peace in Adamawa and politics should not be do-or-die affairs. Because of her interest, there is no reason that hell should let loose and the state is plunder into political crisis over one person’s desire of becoming a Governor.” He said

He alleged that Binani has been meeting and talking with the INEC officials to help her that in a way portrays her as a bad politician and that is not the way to do politics.

He however praised her for giving a good fight and must be commended to have wielded the power to alter and think with the whole process.

Hassan said the effort she made is a good one as an opposition candidate and a woman for that matter