Fintiri vs Binani: The role of Media in the failed Adamawa Political heist


Fintiri vs Binani: The role of Media in the failed Adamawa Political heist

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When the attempt to steal the mandate of the people of Adamawa State by Senator Aisha Dahiru (also known as Binani) was cooked and hatched, there was no way it would have been perpetrated without the active role of the mass media. It is not possible to have gotten the impact that it got without using a medium like a reputable television station to make the announce and get the Self acclaimed victory aired in her acceptance speech.

It is very difficult to exonerate or absolve those media houses that gave Binani and Hudu their airwaves to cause the pandemonium that almost resulted in loss of lives. One is left with no option but to see them potential collaborators in the heist.

First, the declaration made by the wanted ex Resident Electoral Commissioner of Adamawa Mr Hudu Harri was covered by only one media house. How they managed to be there at the time and gave Hudu their national and international platform to make a declaration that was capable causing mayhem is still to be explained. The media station at the INEC office when Hudu was making his dramatic declaration maybe a coincidence of their being there at the time of happening, but the one that was at her house was no doubt a preplanned one.

The media platform that was stationed at Binani’s residence to cover live broadcast of the shenanigan acceptance speech is more than a mere happenstance. She got through the national and the international community with a lie made possible by this medium.

I am not a lawyer, I am writing as a professional PR practitioner who is concerned about the role of mass media in promoting democracy and that they must be held accountable as the fourth estate of the realm that have the implicit ability to frame political issues and shape the perspective and perception of national discourse.

Binani failed in the heist therefore whoever was a collaborator must also face the consequences of their actions so as serve as a deterrent to others who may be tempted to allow selfish or personal interest sways them from doing their professional duties.

First, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is hereby called to activate appropriate sanctions on all those who are involved in this lawlessness and they have to also explain to Nigerians why they were active participants in the attempted day light robbery.

It is very important that matters of such magnitude are not swept under the carpet now that the Supreme Court has vindicated the Governor of Adamawa as the rightful choice of the people. I call on security agencies to also investigate the involvement of the media houses in these criminal episodes that happened in Adamawa on April 16, 2023.

Felix Samari
Is a PR Professional writing from Yola