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Fintiri’s Birthday: The Prayers of a praying Governor in the praying times


Fintiri’s Birthday: The Prayers of a praying Governor in the praying times

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By Tom Garba

He is a sitting Governor with influence and affluence, glory and honor through the provision of Nigeria’s Constitution. He has friends around the world to throw up birthday parties and splashes anywhere he so desires. His network of friends as Governors, Senators, Beurocrat and technocrats, captains of industries and business tycoons, Men and women of many ranks abound in all parts of the world, but he chooses prayers to Mark his birthday celebration.

This is the way and manner the Governor of Adamawa State, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has preferred to mark his 2023 birthday anniversary. A devoted Muslim who is committed to following and keeping the tenets of Islam in celebrating his 56th Birthday could not ask for sponsor adverts in the prominent national dailies, he didn’t ask for the glamor of High and classical birthday celebrations. Sensitive to the plights of the masses and the hard times occasioned by the economic downturns of our dear nation.

The Governor made a passionate request to the citizens of Adamawa State and Nigerians, to pray for him, for God to give him more wisdom, ideas, and knowledge to Govern well the people he entrusted in his care. Like the Biblical King Solomon (Suleiman) when provided with a blank cheque of what he desires God to do for him. King Solomon only resorted to Wisdom so that he may lead well God’s people. His simple and humble request prompted God to give him more than just Wisdom. No wonder he is the wise personified King who ever lived.

Fintiri gave a standing request to the people of Adamawa State and a standing order for government lobbyists and sycophants, those working within the system of government to as a Matter of request to pray for him and never to throw a birthday party in his name.
Governor Fintiri asked for prayers, a Man who is into supplications and praying in fulfillment of the demands of the Holy Quaran. He is a prayer Machine, in Islam we call them salat

He never misses the raqa’ats of five daily prayers. He realized it was a praying time in Nigeria, the naira devaluation was the turn of events that sounded bad that the economy was collapsing.

It’s of course a praying time to pray for the praying Governor by all prayer warriors adherents of both Christian and Islamic religions, including our African traditional religion. The Governor’s demands are serious that Nigeria and Adamawa’s Economy be in an intensive care unit (ICU) of the surgical department that requires only God as an eternal expert to fix it right.

Through prayers he has gotten the Mandate of Governance, it is through prayers that is sustaining it by bringing the dividends of democracy. Fintiri realizes at this time that prayers is the end thing, to do the will of the masses, to build the roads and to create job opportunities Will be done through the provision of prayers.

Yes the prayers will make him construct more flyovers, the prayers will make him do the wonders of development in a precarious situation like ours that the economy has became a sleeping dead giant. The Man just believe in the power of prayers. Please let’s all pray for him.

To the Governor, his birthday is a reflection of who he is and where he wants to take Adamawa State shortly, to him it’s not a celebration time but a reflection moment to ponder well on how to give good stewardship that will not stand against him in the day of reckoning (Judgement).

He has made the call, and let’s pray for him: “This is my prayer for you, Your Excellency, As long as there is GOD in heaven whom you trust, at this time of your need, in this your fifty-sixth birthday, you will never know shame. Your administration will never know shame.

“Governor Sir, Your life will always have meaning even when you leave the office in 2027. In as much, as u remain good and a faithful servant, the door of goodness shall not be shut against you.
“Every satanic power trying to re-design your destiny or use you to re-design the destiny of Adamawa State negatively shall be crushed by God’s power. Every evil arrows against you as Your political enemies, terrestrial forces shall return to the sender.

“From now on, by GOD’s special grace, your arrival at all places will break barriers, your miracle will break natural and spiritual protocols.”

I joined millions in praying for you that at this time Nigerians ought to pray, never to faint in the areas of worship to God to save the country From the ICU which is gasping for survival because of lack of economic breath.

Mr Governor Sir, thank you for calling us to pray at this time, your request is better than anything else and should be valued by all patriotic Nigerians we need God, and we need Him for safety against all odds working against us as a nation.

Health, security, education, Agriculture, social amenities, and standard of living of Nigerians are nothing to write home about. These are parts of the economic system that tells more that we need God’s intervention through prayers.

Happy birthday Your Excellency. Congratulations on turning 56 years old

A Journalist wrote this from Abuja