Free Medical outreach: We are reaching out to people for total health-Nimrod


Free Medical outreach: We are reaching out to people for total health-Nimrod

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Moved with compassion of people suffering from one ailment of the other, Rimau Community in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State was in received of medical personnel who were in a mission to reach out to their medical needs.

Harvest Family Outreach and Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) of Nigeria have collaborated and treated the people from various ailment.

Director, Harvest Family Outreach, Engineer Musa Nimrod the organisation is in a mission to give medical support for total health to all people irrespective of tribe, religion or place of origin.

According to him, it is the group’s corporate social responsibility to reach out to people who are facing whole lots of health challenge.

He said the the essence is to reach out to everyone without bias to any form of sentiments.

“We have to reach out because health is wealth, you know people are lacking things. We are also looking at the spiritual aspect of their lives. They should serve God, in serving Him they will also strive in divine health,” Nimrod said.

The free medical exercise which has 46 medical team, of which 12 Doctors, 13 pharmacists, and 6 nurses are part of the representative Ministry of Health

Harvest Family Outreach coordinator in an interview during the exercise , Chioma Rita Odili revealed that the community have benefited from experiences of the medical officers in great measure.

While commenting on the event, CMDA Chairman, Zaria chapter, Dr. Didamson Vonkaza, said for them as Christian doctors, their motto is, “Caring for man as a whole, spirit, soul and body”.

“For us we don’t just want to care for the whole body, we want to give total care to everyone, that is why, from time to time, cary out outreaches. We use our experience and profession in order to help. So that is our motivation, we want to ensure that everyone is complete, the whole man is taken care of, the spirit, the soul and the body.

“We are faith based organisation, that carries out several services to reach humanity. Through medical services, water services, spiritual services and educational services, in rural and urban settings, where people have challenges in various forms,” he submitted.