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Gongola People’s Forum Award: Boss Mustapha was right to have attended


Gongola People’s Forum Award: Boss Mustapha was right to have attended

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....faace your woes and lick your self-inflcted wounds in peace , else ...

By Annas Bala

Mr Boss Mustapha CFR, NPoM,v
Not an ethnic chauvinist as perceived by some nefarious elements with their pernicious and gullible ideology!
They are frustrated and pain with the level of his significant achievements and successes as a public servant.

I read with disdain and utmost dismayed most recently over how some individuals, who had chose to troop to social media space with their contrived, contradicting, confusing, false and wicked conspiracy theory all in the attempt to demonized, defamed or maligned the good name of the gentleman.

What could be further than hypocrisy and a latent demonstration of shameful naivety of some so called concerned individuals of the state, who will pretentiously portrays themselves as individuals seeking for fairness and equity to the general affairs of the state while pursuing surreptitiously their self centered agenda.

The Man ‘BOSS MUSTAPHA’ had served his Fatherland exceedingly well and this is confined now in our national history book!

Little wonder that even with the expiration of there tenure as a Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation(SGF), his name keep reigning in the media, people kept relying the abundants messages of gratitudes from the different segments of the country, in favour of his kind gesture while in Office, thanks giving ceremony organized by different group of people expressing gratitude to Almighty God for the successful completion of his Five Years Seven Months of National Assignment as our longest ever serving SGF in Nigeria.

Whom had received several accolades and honored during his stay in Office by his Principal Former President MUHAMMADU BUHARI, which evidentially dignified his competence, integrity and commitment to National service.

Your records are ever glaring for anyone contemplating my position here and any attempt to make disparaging comments or to trivialize your personality shall be refuted any time any day.
People out of personal ego’s attempting to drag your name into mud will end up dragging their feet’s into fire.

The Bone of Contention in this write up is on the recent AWARD EVENT that was organized and executed by the GONGOLA PEOPLES FORUM. Which has received numerous and widest criticisms of ethnic imbalance and marginalization. But it is important I make this singular clarity here;

MR.BOSS MUSTPHA, Former SGF, was an Awardee and also an Invitee too like many other people who had graced the occasion in there different grand styles as invitee’s.

To what more do you expect him to do?

To avert the event, or to ignore the called by the FORUM, who had chosen to Honored one of their amiable Son of the State, with an excellent records of performance.

I guess you would have dissect critically well before the bellowing!

MR.BOSS, had enjoy and is enjoying a smooth and platonic relationship across the different dialects of our dear State and has demonstrated significant high esteemed he hold for all the indigenes and dialects of his hometown.

He was yet again Honored with a deseverable Award as usual by the GONGOLA PEOPLES FORUM.

The triumphants of this love, affection and prove of trust by Nigerians, to MR.BOSS MUSTAPHA, is yet an emerging thing as this had shows otherwise with respect to the attitudinal history of Nigerian Citizens VS Ex-Political Office Holders, where the scenario is mostly of hatred,vexatious, de-Recognition and the general belief of been an enemy of the common man, by the citizens against Ex-Political Office Holders has not been the case with MR.BOSS MUSTAPHA.

This is a confirmation of his competence and the trust that Nigerians have in him and it will be no mistake for one to say that his service is still actively required especially at the highest pinnacle of our Democratic structural Chart of governance.

The APC National Government should Wade into this and seek for the hilarious knowledgeable contributions of MR.BOSS MUSTAPHA, through engaging him actively in the current administration of BAT.

Bala is an opinion writer, he writes from Yola -Adamawa State

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