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Group passes vote of Confidence on Ribadu, says his Transparent Prowess unique


Group passes vote of Confidence on Ribadu, says his Transparent Prowess unique

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...defends ONSA's N32b Budget , Says Need for Secured Personnel, Operations Offices Important

Group under aegis of Forum for Transparency and Good Governance rose in defense of the sum of N31.915 billion budget for the construction of new buildings of the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA).

According to the group, the N32 billion new NSA buildings is not an issue of misplacement of priority, considering the need for conducive environment for effective intelligence gathering and operations. More so , that the National Security Advisor, Malam Nuhu Ribadu is renowned for transparency, accountability and due diligence in management of public office and funds during his days as EFCC boss.

In a press statement signed by Mal Garba Ibrahim Gimba , the Coordinator of Forum for Transparency and Good Governance, the group said information gathered revealed that the security challenges facing Nigeria today is far beyond field operations. Noting ,there is no doubt that combined military operations have not yielded required results over the years.

The statement further reads: “We believe part of reasons for building more offices for ONSA in the face of soaring security threats is to put in place sustainable measures to protect people, assets, and information from physical and digital threats.

“Reports in the increase in number of kidnappings and bandits’ attacks on citizens and local farmers across the country , these recurring cases call for a proactive intelligence gathering via technology driven approach if we want lasting solutions .

“Overall, security officers are tasked with securing the country , citizens by staying on patrol, monitoring surveillance equipment, performing building inspections, guards to avoid security lapse, thus the new building for ONSA according to information gathered,will ensure a safe environment through a team effort of diligent active patrol, strict access control, monitoring, and equipment control.

“This is why we see those who described the allocation for the NSA’s new buildings as misplaced priority as either trying to find unnecessary fault lines or ignorant about the important of a permanent working and documentary space for intelligence gathering officers.

“We make bold to say ,you can’t have an effective operations,proper intelligence gathering and decisive response to detect and rid our society of the daredevil insurgents and bandits without a place conducive for proper planning and strategy.

“Though Some civil society organisations (CSOs) and security experts have challenged the rational behind voting such huge amount of money for new NSA buildings, Nigeria cannot to repeat same mistake often and often.

“For Nigeria to conquer the recurring cases of banditry and terrorism, the bar for intelligence gathering and operations must go beyond what is obtainable presently.

“There suggestions from CSOs that the funds should rather be used to equip and empower the military agencies, especially the police, in order to tackle the deteriorating security challenge in the country, but the question is,what have we achieved with past budgetery allocations to dame agencies?

“For the purpose proper view of the ONSA budget , we refer to Daily Trust report,which said, N65,002,523, 046 allocated to the ONSA in the 2024 budget, N34.9 billion is for capital expenditure; while N30 billion is for recurrent expenditure.

“Out of the N30 billion, overhead cost is N18 billion while personnel cost is N12 billion.N1.4bn earmarked for police arms.

“The budget also revealed the ONSA budgeted N1.4 billion for the Nigeria Police Force’s arms and ammunition, including protective gears such as bullet proof vests and helmets.

“The item, with the code ERGP4103042 in the fiscal document, indicated that N443, 364,563.59 was meant for protective gear; and N1 billion was for arms and ammunition.

“The ONSA also set aside N8.5 billion for subscription to professional bodies and another N2.135 billion for security charges, with N105 million to pay office rent and N182.9 million for residential rent.

“The budget also include N5.4 billion for security operations, N52.2 million for cleaning and fumigation services, N136.1 million for fueling of vehicles, N112.9 million for “other transport equipment fuel cost”, N172.9 million for fuelling of generators, N27.7 million for bank charges and N41.2 million for welfare packages.”