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Group wants Bauchi APC Chair vacate seat over anti-party activities


Group wants Bauchi APC Chair vacate seat over anti-party activities

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Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Members of the APC Patriotic Support Group in Bauchi state have called for the resignation of the state Party Chairman over anti-party activities.

Speaking to newsmen at the Bauchi state NUJ Secretariat on Wednesday, Leader of the group, Alhaji Almustapha Zubairu also raised concerns that some party members who left the APC after losing in the primary election to contest for various elective positions in different political platforms are planning to come back.

The group while describing as disturbing, the lackadaisical attitude of the State Chairman of the APC in Bauchi, alleged that on his own volition, he abandoned his responsibility at the time of peak need just to satisfy his ‘pay master.

“This is totally undemocratic and the pinnacle of betrayal of trust. We call on him to honorably resign as the Chairman of our great party in the interest of Justice and for rebuilding process of our party to succeed”, the group said.

The group alleged that the state party chairman did the worst when he decided to openly display his ballot paper without voting the gubernatorial candidate of his party.

“To say the least, this is the height of betrayal of trust. The truth of the matter is that he has eroded the trust, confidence and loyalty of the vast members of the party hence, the call for his immediate resignation”, they declared.

Almustapha Zubairu said, those staging the comeback are the members who contested and failed woefully in a free and fair APC party primaries at Gubernatorial, Senatorial and House of Reps.

He regretted that, after losing, they shamefully defected to other parties to vie elective positions.

“Now they are head-bent to nefariously return to APC after melting all sorts of lies to the party and its leadership at both State and National levels”, he said.

The group while condemning their actions, warned those hobnobbing with them to be wary about the desperate and the unholy sportsmanship they exhibited in their quest towards self fulfillment at all cost.

They urged the National Leadership of the APC, President-Elect, VP-Elect to be aware of what they described as “worrisome antics of the so-called leadership of the party in Bauchi State”.

The group said there was an urgent need for the National Leadership of the party to advise them once and for all to refrain and repent from such heinous anti-democratic activities.

According to the group, to attain enduring unity, trust and genuine reconciliation, the affected members should be counseled on why they should not aid an outsider to destroy the house that they laboured collectively to build as well as support their collective resolve to restore the stolen mandate by the ruling party in Bauchi State.

The group opined that members who left the party at the time of need should not be given the listening ears without recourse to due diligence, consultations with critical Stakeholders and should be made to show remorse and tender public apology with commitment to be faithful, trust worthy in the subsequent dealings.

“This would serve as deterrent to others and above all. will promote party loyalty and inculcate the spirit of patience and perseverance”, the group further demanded.