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Hamisu visits Hospitals, correctional centers and settles bills to mark his 50th Birthday


Hamisu visits Hospitals, correctional centers and settles bills to mark his 50th Birthday

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In his nature as a humanist who is passionate about humanity, Adamawa Born business tycoon, Hamisu Idris Medugu has settled Hospital bills of people suffering from kidney complications, and many people suffering from one ailment or the others.

Some of the hospitals visited in Yola are; Teaching Hospital Yola, Yola Specialists Hospital, Boshang Clinic, and Fortland Hospital where he prayed and settled bills in millions of Naira.

Hamisu who is also a politician from the Northern zone of Adamawa Senatorial district visited Mubi Correctional Center and donated food items for the inmates.

In his mode to further mark the celebration of the Birthday in Abuja, the philanthropist yesterday visited National Hospital Abuja where he paid the medical bills of many people who are unable to pay after being discharged.

In all the hospitals the philanthropist visited he will make sure he donates cash for the upkeep of the sick patient.
Prayers were offered to him by many people who have benefited from his benevolent gesture.

A woman in a trending video prayed that: Nations would come to his rescue and loan to many nations. Many will Defend him and raise in his support and no evil shall befall him home and abroad .

Hamisu told this medium that his life and all he got is for humanity, according to him God has blessed him with the little he has for help those In need because that is the essence of wealth.

He enjoined well to do in the society to embrace humanity with the much or little they have.

“I’m just displaying my hubby, my nature to be a help to those in need obeying some of the injunction of God as he enshrined In the Holy Quaran and Hadith.

“I’m not better than them , I mean those I visited in the hospitals and those in the prison. We are all living by God’s Mercies. My prayers is God to grant them divine health and those in the prison to be released soon , especially those who are innocent of the crime they do not commit.

“But honestly people are suffering, there is no food to some sick persons I visited in one of the hospitals talk more about the money to settle the hospital bills.” Hamisu said