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Hard times: Adeboye urges Nigerians to pray for God’s mercy over Naira devaluation


Hard times: Adeboye urges Nigerians to pray for God’s mercy over Naira devaluation

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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has urged Nigerians to pray fervently as Naira keeps devaluating over the Dollar.

He Said the economy is not friendly to Nigerians and are sign that hard times are evident that only prayers of mercy can avert the situation.

Adeboye during a monthly thanksgiving service that thousands of Parishes hook up from all over the World and monitored by our Yola Correspondent,said earlier this year God told him that things would get worse before they would normalize.

The Nigerian Christian elder statesman during the Sunday Sermon he spoke on “Let the wind Blow” said the wind is blowing exposing some level of corruption that Nigerians didn’t know.
He however said that anyone that is on the site of the Lord the wind will blow in his or her favor. Else it will blow to expose one’s secret deeds.

While leading the prayers of mercy, he told the congregants God through the wind is exposing secrets on so many issues Nigerians are not aware of in the corridor of power.

“May God have Mercy on Nigeria. Any hiding secrets will come to the open because nothing will stop them from blowing.” He said

According to him the prayers of mercy are necessary because things will get worse before they will get nominalized and no one knows how far they will be worse.

He said the downward turn of the economy will only end very quickly if Nigerians pray for God’s mercy.

He lamented that only the innocent ones would suffer from the brunt of the downward turn of the economy because
those in power don’t need to know how much Petro costs or know the cost of food items in the market.

Adeboye who took his Bible root text from the book of Exodus 15:1further warned those living a secret lifetime to repent because the wind will not blow in their favor.

He however comforted Nigerians that the Lord Almighty will fight the battle for the country if we seek His face of mercy, especially those that are living a worthy life.

“No matter how things will be, you will shout a song of victory. The wind will blow and there is going to be a way in the dead end. Businesswomen, men, traders, artisans, and all those in financial dealings and situations the wind will blow in their favor.

“God will give you an idea, When the wind blows dead projects can also come alive. Anyone finding himself in a dead end the wind will blow. You will sing a new song. The wind of God can blow from the situation you cannot explain. It will turn to testify and Your labor will change when the wind blows.” Adeboye prophesied