HBD to Maj.LM Lamon,a Brother and Friend


HBD to Maj.LM Lamon,a Brother and Friend

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There is no better day and time to tell you thumbs up,Cheers up and wake up,it is another day the Lord has made you to recall and count His faithfulness over your life.

My Brother Man,If I can join you count the Blessings of God toward your life,this year alone certainly I can’t count it all for you,i will lost the counting, this is to tell you that the Lord had been gracious to you.

You are a birth mate to a brother so dear to my heart (Peter) who still treats me as his most valuable assets in life, I know you to be good too, please keep the good work of goodness burning in you.

Major Sir, I know many people will tell you Happy Birthday today and sends hampers of gifts to you, but accept mine as the most succinct and coming from my hearts of hearts to tell you: