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Hon Daniel: A Federal Lawmaker with the Midas Touch of Representation


Hon Daniel: A Federal Lawmaker with the Midas Touch of Representation

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Kuje Habila Akolo

Hon Daniel Amos, representing the Jema’a/Sanga Federal constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, has become a household name not only within his constituency and Kaduna State but also across the legislative communities in Nigeria.

It’s never a doubt, Amos is one of the leading legislator, a leader who is leading well with all sense of humility. His character and composure blend seamlessly with his political acumen, creating a persona that those of us who have worked closely with him admire, especially recalling his tenure as Chairman of Jema’a Local Government Area, Kaduna State.

When evaluating a legislator, the focus should not solely be on the position they hold but on their actions towards their people, their debate skills, oversight, representation, and ability to lobby and persuade for the benefit of their constituency. Hon. Daniel Amos stands out as a federal legislator with significant experience and strong political relationships within and beyond the Jema’a/Sanga constituency. His appointment as House Committee Chairman on House Services by Hon. Speaker Tajuddeen Abbas came as no surprise.

The essence of politics and democracy allows for varying assessments of a legislator, often influenced by the distance of the observer. I wholeheartedly admire Hon. Daniel Amos’ legislative prowess, demonstrated by his numerous achievements as a first-term Federal Lawmaker. He prefers to work effectively in the background without boasting about his accomplishments.

Within just six months in office, Hon. Daniel Amos has tackled the pressing issue of insecurity in our constituency. He collaborated with relevant stakeholders at both local and federal levels to ensure that perpetrators were identified, arrested, and punished. As a result, incidents of kidnappings and armed robbery have decreased significantly, contributing to one of the most peaceful Christmas and New Year celebrations in recent memory.
Moreover, he has successfully lobbied for the establishment of a Federal Technical College in Jagindi, aimed at equipping the youth with modern skills and creating job opportunities. Construction has commenced following the initial disbursement of funds by the Federal Government.

Additionally, Hon. Amos has secured approval for several rural road projects within the constituency, funded by the World Bank and the Federal Government. These projects, including the construction of roads in various local government areas, will enhance the movement of goods and services upon completion.

Beyond infrastructure, Hon. Daniel Amos has sponsored bills promoting national unity and development and has been an advocate for youth empowerment, initiating numerous programs for skill acquisition and support in various communities.

As a first-term legislator, Hon Daniel Amos has undoubtedly demonstrated exceptional qualities as a knowledgeable, courageous, generous, charismatic, and humble leader.
We are indeed proud!

Akolo of the G5 Group wrote this Article from Jagindi, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.