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Hong: YSFON Under 20 Interward football Competition Enters Semi Finals


Hong: YSFON Under 20 Interward football Competition Enters Semi Finals

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By Austin Ajayi.

The Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON) under 20 interward football competition in Hong local government area of Adamawa state entered the semi final stage.

The competition which is sponsored by Engr. Musa Nimrod is aimed at selecting quality players for the National teams.

The competition, the 7th in the series is being put together by the Adamàwa state chapter of YSFON has produce some players.

According to the sponsor of the competition, Engr. Nimrod, ” we are doing this to help our children become better persons in life through sports”

” Sports is a money spinner all over the world,we have good talents here at the grassroots level and we believe if given the chance they can become the Missi, the Ronaldos of tomorrow”

“Sports should not be left alone in the hands of government, private individuals cooperate organizations like we are doing can also help in developing our youths and I tell you our country will be better off”.

“we will continue to do our best and let me reassure our players again that any player(s) that the coaches have identified will be given the maximum support to excel”.

In the semi finals matches to be played today, Banrishika takes on Maylope while Hong Ward slug it out with Daksiri to book a place in the final.

Resuls of the final group stage matches played yesterday are; Mayolope 2 Shangui 0, Bangshika 1 Garaha 1, Bangshika went through 8-7 on penalty

While Hong defeated Husherizum by a lone goal to book a place in the semi final.