I was not prosecuted for embezzling N93B- ex-Adamawa Governor Boni denies


I was not prosecuted for embezzling N93B- ex-Adamawa Governor Boni denies

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Former Governor of Adamawa State, Mr. Boni Haruna, has refuted reports alleging that he was prosecuted for embezzling or misappropriating N93 billion during his tenure, as reported by Vanguard.

Haruna clarified that he was actually prosecuted and acquitted for an amount totaling N52.5 million.

Challenging the notion of misappropriating such a colossal sum, Haruna pointed out that the entire Federal Allocation to Adamawa between May 1999 and May 2007 amounted to N114 billion, out of which N39 billion was allocated for salaries and emoluments. He emphasized the implausibility of embezzling N93 billion within his tenure as governor.

The controversy arose from a report titled “Graft: How 58 ex-govs allegedly looted N2.187 trillion,” published in Saturday Vanguard. The report detailed former governors who had faced scrutiny from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), including allegations and amounts involved.

However, Haruna disputed the portrayal of him being associated with a “humongous sum” in the report. He revealed that a Federal High Court in Yola had acquitted him of liability in the N52.5 million criminal proceedings brought against him by the EFCC.

In a judgment delivered on January 16, 2014, Justice Balkisu Bello Aliyu acquitted Haruna, stating that no prima facie case had been established against him. The court ruled that there was no vicarious liability in the criminal proceedings.

“A judgment was delivered in my favour 10 years ago. To the glory of God, I was appointed Minister of Youth Development in this country a few months after this judgment. My screening by the 8th Senate under Senate President David Mark was telecast live on all the major Television stations in the country,” he stated.

Expressing his dismay over the situation, Haruna recounted how he had been appointed as Minister of Youth Development shortly after the judgment. During his screening by the 8th Senate, Haruna disclosed his prosecution case and presented a copy of the judgment to the Senate.

He stated, “In the course of my screening, the Senate President asked me if there was anything I wanted to share with the Senate that was not in my CV. I told him that I had something to share with the Senate which was not in my CV.

“I shared my case of prosecution with the Senate and tendered a copy of the judgment. Before the same Senate, I revealed that it was curious that I was prosecuted because of about N52m when in my eight years as governor I refused to take the security vote, which has become fashionable for governors to take since the military era.”

Haruna reiterated the discrepancy between the alleged embezzled amount and the actual financial transactions during his tenure, questioning how he could have embezzled N93 billion out of a total receipt of about N114.8 billion in eight years.

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