Ibadan explosion : 230 houses marked for structural tests – Gov Makinde


Ibadan explosion : 230 houses marked for structural tests – Gov Makinde

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In the aftermath of the devastating explosion that shook Ibadan, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has said that the initiation of structural integrity tests on 230 buildings surrounding the explosion point would be carried out by the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

The Governor said these tests is aimed at assessing the safety and stability of the affected structures and ensure the well-being of residents in the vicinity.

The explosion, which occurred on Tuesday, claimed the lives of five individuals, left nearly 80 injured, and resulted in the destruction of numerous houses and vehicles, leaving thousands homeless.

Makinde announced on Sunday evening that counselling services have commenced for the victims, addressing the emotional toll inflicted by the tragic incident.

He expressed appreciation for the collaboration between security agencies and residents in maintaining law and order around the affected area in Bodija.

Providing a positive update on the victims’ medical status, Governor Makinde disclosed that over 90% of those admitted to two hospitals have been discharged.

Clinical counselling has also commenced to support those affected by the trauma of the explosion.

The governor thanked the medical team at the Emergency Operations Centre and the Honourable Commissioner for Health for their dedicated efforts in attending to the victims.

Operations at Ground Zero have transitioned from search and rescue to recovery, marking a crucial phase in the aftermath of the incident.

Governor Makinde expressed gratitude to the Nigerian Society of Engineers for their role in conducting structural integrity tests on properties within various radii of the blast site.

Acknowledging the collaborative support received, the governor thanked Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State for releasing the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) to aid in the recovery process.

Special appreciation was extended to the team led by Engineer Olatunde Akinsanya, the Director of Operations.

While security agencies continue their investigation into the incident, Governor Makinde assured the public that updates on the investigation would be made public.

He reiterated the administration’s commitment to supporting all victims and emphasized the importance of holding those responsible accountable.

Makinde urged the public to contact the Emergency Operations Centre for any issues related to the Bodija Incident.

The provided contact numbers are 07049948057 or 08147672009.

The governor expressed sincere gratitude for the collaborative efforts in navigating through this unfortunate incident and emphasized the determination to bring everyone responsible to justice.

(Platform Times)