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Ibadan explosion: Residents fault rescue operations approach


Ibadan explosion: Residents fault rescue operations approach

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Bodija Estate Residents Association (BERA) on Thursday, January 18, faulted rescue approached being used at the scene of Tuesday’s night explosion in Bodija, Ibadan, saying there is need for humane professionalism in handling rescue operation at the scene of the unfortunate incident.
They stated that using operators who work on construction site on the rescue site is inappropriate, noting that those responsible for the rescue operations should be more careful and more humane, saying, “We are talking about lives, not rubbles.”

Speaking in Ibadan after visiting some victim of the explosion at Redeemer Hospital and J-Raphal Hospital, BERA Chairman, Muyiwa Bamgbose lamented that the association were informed that more bodies has been discovered this morning which according to him is an overwhelming situation.

He said: “Last night, somebody gave us information that there is somebody they believe is in one house. We were at the venue to direct the people who are there so as to rescue the person.

“The unfortunate thing is that soldiers at the scene were driving us back. We told them that we were not busy bodies. We came here on genuine information. So, the situation is a bit confusing. We thank God for the minimal collateral but we are concerned about handling of the situation.”

“We feel there is need for more humane professionalism in this thing. We were told of an arm that was brought up by an excavator. Where is the body?

“Also, our concern is possible existence of other people in that category of other incidents. We have heard comments like people should know their neighbour and things like that.”

“But Bodija is a low density area. It is a mind your business area traditionally. Many people wouldn’t know what their neighbours are doing. For somebody to have been harbouring explosives like that, dynamite or whatever, that has been dealing with some agencies of government in getting approval of some sorts, in moving some things to some places.

Bamgbose however said aside government intervention, the landlords are also working on bringing succor to victims of the incident.

He sympathised with the victims and their families, describing the incident as unfortunate incident which could have been averted.

(The Nation)