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ICC: Wike hires “miscreants” to fight the course of injustice, Northern Politician lambast AYA


ICC: Wike hires “miscreants” to fight the course of injustice, Northern Politician lambast AYA

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A Strong member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from North East Nigeria, Alhaji Sai’du Bobboi has lampooned a group by the name of Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA) you claimed to back the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barr Nyesome Wike over the illegal contract Revocation against the Integrated Facility Management services (IFMSL).

Bobboi said AYA is a group of miscreants who are hired by Wike to further the course of injustice as it’s the norm of the FCT minister to project his agenda of fighting some APC loyal members.

He said Ali Mohammed and his collaborators have shown a high level of Shameless thoughts on Senator Ahmad Abubakar Moallayidi, Managing Director of IntegratedFacilityy Management Services Limited “IFMSL”, a former Senator to have represented Adamawa Southern Senatorial zone.

“Let me help the minds of this so-called AYA, who I believe are faceless groups or if they are real, we don’t know about their existence in the North, if they exist I believe they are the cash and carry group that anyone can hire for paltry to propagate injustice against Justice.

‘To put the record straight, Sen Moallayidi represented Adamawa Southern Senatorial zone (2015-2019) and left indelible records of achievements.

“First in the North to pass a bill for the school of Mining and Forestry to be located in two local government areas of Guyuk and Toungo, Ahmad was among Senators that championed the cost of a bill that saw the formation of the North East Development Commission. He was one of the core financiers of APC in 2015 that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power.

“Ahmad played a major role in Financing and sustaining APC in Adamawa State by working hard to bring into power President Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite coming from the same Senator District as the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

“Ahmad through the Arewa New Agenda (ANA), a group he formed with the likes of the former Secretary to the government of the Federation (SGF), Alhaji Ahmed Yayale, Jonathan Silas Zwingina (former Majority leader), former Governor of Bauchi, Isah Yuguda, former Governor of Zamfara, Ahmed Yeriman Bakura and so many notable Nigerians to campaign round the country and ensure Tinubu is elected. By simple arithmetics, Ahmad contributed immensely to the election of Tinubu rather than Wike.” Sai’du said

According to him, the Northern patriotic front is fighting in defense of Justice because there’s no way a leader can be good enough than to respect the rule of law.

He said the issue of the International Conference Center (ICC) is an issue that patterns the rule of law, a contractual agreement that a sane person can respect.

He challenges AYA if they are not miscreants to go back to their Master (Wike) and know the true state of the situation and the agreement backing IFMSL and the office of the Minister.

“Wike is not the only Minister or person working in Tinubu’s administration, even if is the only one working Justice and fairness should be his guiding principles. Justice is the best definition of working. This is our stand, let’s justice rule and have its full way.

” We are not going back on our fight against injustice by Wike’s form of maladministration, we are aware IFMSL has entered an agreement with the Ministry for ICC for Ten years. The illegal revocation should be reversed and the right thing be done in the interest of Justice, fairness, and inclusion.

Saidu Bobboi, a Chieftain of APC who is the Former National Chairman KOWA Party and a One-time Vice Presidential Candidate of the KOWA Party during the 2015 Presidential Election, said:” It’s unfortunate AYA group is used to scamming people around and the Honorable Minister is using them to fight his course of injustice instead of following the rule of law to get things done.”

The APC Party stalwart is one of the founding members of Arewa New Agenda, ANA, reiterated that Wike must go back to the drawing board else he will collapse the government of Tinubu with his show of pride and lack of respect for the rule of law.

He described the AYA press statement as a whitewash paper by a group of hungry charlatans Hired to submerge justice with their unspoken and nauseating noise of pauper baggers.