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Idris Commended for Elevating Public Trust in Governance


Idris Commended for Elevating Public Trust in Governance

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The Kaduna Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) has commended the Minister of Information, Alhaji Mohammed Idris, for his exceptional leadership and transparent information management, which has significantly enhanced public credibility and goodwill for the current administration.

In a statement issued by the Chapter Chairman, Haroun Malami, on the occasion of the Minister’s birthday, the NIPR acknowledged Alhaji Idris’ demonstration of the highest standards of public relations practice, showcasing character, competence, and credibility in his handling of government communication since assuming office.

The Chapter praised the Minister as an innovator who has made a purposeful shift from the old norm, building on his experience as the Kaduna State Chapter Chairman. His patriotism and service to nationhood in various capacities have left an indelible mark, with laudable footprints and remarkable accomplishments that testify to the impact of public relations on outcomes.

The NIPR expressed its appreciation for Alhaji Idris’ commitment to elevating public trust in governance and deepening citizens’ faith in the country. The statement concluded with a prayer for the Minister’s continued good health, wisdom, and strength in his patriotic service to the nation.

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