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If not Ahmad who else? Group calls on president Tinubu to appoint non Serving Senator as Minister from Adamawa


If not Ahmad who else? Group calls on president Tinubu to appoint non Serving Senator as Minister from Adamawa

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As the People of Adamawa are much anticipating who President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will appoint as one of his cabinet members on the awaiting second batch of the ministerial list.

A Democratic concerned group in Yola have issued a press statement calling the attention of Mr President and the All Progressives Congress Chieftains in and outside the state to have a rethink on who will be appointed for the ministerial slot from Adamawa State.

In the press statement that Mr Aso James appended his signature as the leader of the group said the delays in deciding the next minister from Adamawa state is as a result of vested interest and the political power play by notable politicians.

According to him the power fight by political senior men and women may dampen the good chances to bring on board good people like Senator Ahmad Abubakar Moallayidi.

The group in their statement recalled in many instances how President Bola Ahmed Tinubu emphasized to reward people who have given and supported the party to victory.

It is in this basis that Mr Aso and his other group men and women in the statement recounted what they described “as nothing but the truth, in Adamawa State if it is not Senator Ahmad Abubakar Moallayidi who else can be the coming minister, hopefully to be announced in few weeks time?”

They said the senator who has represented the State’s Southern Senatorial District has paid his due as a party die-hard Man and gave unrelenting support to the work of APC in and outside Adamawa State.

“The truth need to be told, Moallayidi has all what it takes to be appointed by Tinubu and most qualified. Honestly if it is not him, who else? Sure that person may not be the choice of Adamawa APC.

“By virtue of reward system he is one of the hard working APC Man, by experience he has it in quantum to give his best for the development of the nation, and by acceptance, the people of Adamawa state will be forever want him to be their Minister than anybody.

“Mr President nobody can fit in to work for you better than the non serving senator else it is the repeat of history that can befall us all in the state.” The statement read

They begged on Tinubu for the interest of the party that need good men in place of leadership in the state and the nation at large, the good people of Adamawa State let moallayidi be appointed the next coming Minister.