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Iftar: NGOs Feed 500 Muslim Ummah in Kaduna


Iftar: NGOs Feed 500 Muslim Ummah in Kaduna

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Following the need to promote love amongst people of different faith in Kaduna State, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, (GPFN) in collaboration with International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Jos, Church and Society, has fed atleast 500 Muslim in Kaduna state.

The Non governmental organizations, (NGOs) had earlier fed not fewer than 600 Muslim Faithfuls in Jos, plateau state, a gesture they said aim to demonstrate sincere love for one another to enhancing growth and development in the human society.

The IFTAR meals in Jos were given to 600 Muslims in the Jos Central Mosque (400plates), and Jos Fibre Mosque (200plates), by a Catholic Priest, Baptist Reverend and ISKCON Hindu Priest.

Speaking at the Atiku Auwal Mosque in Ungwan Rimi, on Tuesday, the Country Director, GPFN Rev. Dr. John Joseph Hayab said the gesture came with a simple message that every human being regardless of their religion are One Family Under God, stressing that they had come in the spirit of oneness to felicitates with their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in the season of Ramadan.

“This is a season of Ramadan. And Ramadan usually end every evening with a breaking of fast. So we have come here to celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters as they observe the Ramadan and the break of fast.

“We came with one single message, that we are One Family Under God. We are brothers and we are sisters, we are neighbors, we are people of the same Nation and like the Bible teaches us to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. So whatever your brother is doing, the best way to demonstrate sincere and genuine love is to identify with him.

“Fortunately, this thing is happening at a time when there is hunger and there is a lot of challenges so we provide food here in Kaduna for five hundred people. We have earlier provided food for 600 people in Jos, Plateau state. Our aim is to simply say that we are together and when we continue to move together as a team and as fellow citizens we will change this country but the further our division then we will not make any progress.

“So the message is saying , let us unite to build Nigeria, let us unite to show love to those who are less privilege. When we continue to wait for government to do what we want them to do, they may not do it the way we want them to do it. So we are demonstrating that beyond rhetoric we are demonstrating our love for fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.” He said.

In his remarks, the Northern Coordinator, GPFN Sheikh Abdullahi Haliru Maraya encourage members of the human society to put the teachings of their religion to practice, adding that by so doing Nigeria will overcome present challenges and reach her potentials.

Sheikh Abdullahi who lamented the level of poverty in northern Nigeria said GPFN is doing everything possible to eradicate poverty and alleviating the suffering of the members of the extinct human family.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the event, the Temple President International Society for Krishna Consciousness, (ISKCON) Jos, His Grace Salica Dasa reiterated that “religion is not just about talking but demonstrating through different activities.

Salica said, “we have come today to show that religion means brotherhood where we have to bring everybody together and give to each other and make sure that we address the challenges that we have in our society.

“One of the major challenges in Nigeria today is the issue of hunger and everybody is complaining but if few people whom God has given the ability can come out to showcase this kind of gesture, Nigeria will become a better place. We have given 500 people food and these 500 people will no longer go to bed in hunger if others can replicate this act, come out with whatever we have, we will have reduction of the crime and violence we have in our society.” Salisca noted.

In his response, the Vice Chairman, Atiku Auwal Mosque, Muhammed Ibrahim thanked the NGOs for their kind gesture. He asserted that they learned a lot from the meeting and prayed God to guide and bless them in their endeavor.

“We are most grateful and want to extend our appreciation for choosing this place to interface with us here. We have learned a lot. Some of us have seen and interacted with you but I think the message you brought here is well received and we pray to the Almighty Allah to guide and protect you in whatever you are doing for humanity. The iftar you have given may God reward you abundantly. With that, we say thank you very much.”