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In Unity, Peaceful-Coexistence uphold the sanctity of Easter- Gov Fintiri urges Christians


In Unity, Peaceful-Coexistence uphold the sanctity of Easter- Gov Fintiri urges Christians

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Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State has called on Christians to show the spirit of unity, love and peace as the World celebrates Easter.

Fintiri said such fundamental values would go a long way in promoting and strengthening the harmony in the state.
According to him, the season should serve as a reminder of the selflessness, love, sacrifice and tolerance of Jesus Christ.

While calling for a national rebirth In order to move the nation forward, Governor Fintiri urges for attitudinal change.

“Remembering that foundation is particularly meaningful this Easter because our nation is facing challenges that we can overcome if we choose to, by exercising collective tolerance and being ready to make sacrifices.”

Governor Fintiri also advised Nigerians to always provide selfless service to humanity just as Christ demonstrated through his death and resurrection.
He said, “When we show love and offer selfless service just as Christ did, then our nation and indeed the world we live in will be a better place for all of us.”

He challenged Nigerians to use the period to supplicate to God on behalf of the country so that Nigeria would be able to come out of the present economic challenges.

The Governor also called on the people to make ample use of the opportunity of the season for sober reflection, adding that the teaching on being your brother’s keeper is even more apt now. “It can start with a conscious effort at living peaceably with one another, regardless of religious views. Nigeria needs a peaceful environment for development to thrive. And when we pray for peace, we should be prepared to work for peace and live peacefully. And that can start now,” Fintiri said.