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Inconclusive: Facts are sacral, I won neat and clear with 858 valid votes-Ex-Adamawa Deputy Speaker


Inconclusive: Facts are sacral, I won neat and clear with 858 valid votes-Ex-Adamawa Deputy Speaker

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The Member Representing Guyuk Constituency at the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Sunday Peter, has reacted on the judgement of the Election Petition Tribunal which declared his election at 2 polling units inconclusive.

Hon. Sunday Peter, said that there is no cause for alam with the decision of the tribunal and appealed to his teaming supporters, party officials and stakeholders to remain calm as the verdict will not change anything.

The tribunal on Monday invalidated the election of Hon. Sunday Peter at Zabi Sonka polling unit (Code 004) of Purokayo ward and Mararraba polling unit 007 of Kola ward respectively where elections were cancelled due to over voting.

Unit 004 has a total number of 556 registered voters out of which 525 had collected their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC’s), while unit 007 has a total number of 781 voters with 771 PVC’s collected ahead of the 18th March, 2023 poll.

The total number of PVCs collected at Zabi Sonka where the exercise was characterised with over voting stood at 556, while at Mararaba Kola where election was cancelled were 781 PVC’s.

In all, the PVC’s collected at the affected two polling units were 1, 337 higher than the margin of lead as a result of which, the tribunal nullified the elections and ordered the electoral body to conduct re- run within 90 days.

At Zabisonka, the total number of PVC’s collected was 556 and the total number of votes cast was 198, out of which the APC Candidate, Hon. Sunday Peter scored 138 votes, while the PDP Candidate, Hon. Adwawa Donglok polled 57 votes.

The entire election for Guyuk constituency saw Hon. Sunday Peter emerging winner after scoring 16,532, while the former lawmaker, Hon. Adwawa garnered 15,593 as a result of which Hon. Peter was declared winner by the Returning Officer, Prof. J. Aidan.

Mathematically, if 138 voided votes at unit 004 are deducted from 16,532, total number of lawful votes scored during the election by Hon. Peter, he will be left with 16, 394 votes, while Hon. Adwawa will be left 15,536 votes if 57 nullified votes are deducted from 15,593 lawful votes he had garnered.

Likewise, if 15, 536 lawful votes scored by Hon. Adwawa are deducted from 16, 394, the margin of lead will be 858. This means that Hon. Sunday Peter is currently leading with 858 votes ahead of Hon. Adwawa and other candidates who slugged it out during the exercise.

Therefore, if re-run election is to be conducted at the 2 polling units where 1,337 PVC’s were collected, Hon. Sunday Peter will be struggling for roughly 300 votes, while Hon. Adwawa Donglok will be striving for over 1,000 votes.

Recall that during the just concluded election, only 198 out of 556 eligible voters at Zabisonka, and 335 voters out of 781 voters at Mararaba exercised their franchise which brings a total number of 533 voters who were able to vote.

At the moment, nobody is sure whether 533 out of 1,337 eligible voters who had collected their PVC’s will still vote during the supplementary election to be conducted in the next 3 months as ordered by the tribunal.

It could be recalled that in his petition marked: EPT/AD/SHA/5/2023, Hon. Adwawa asked the tribunal to nullify election at 15 polling units including Zabi Sonka unit 004, Mararaba unit 007, Deremina/Lokoro Pry. Sch. 001, Yakwana unit 006, NEPA Office 006, Gwaluram/Gwaluram unit 004.

Others include: Bilasi K. Dagacin Bobini unit 002, Anguwan Fulani Gwalam unit 009, Chirka Lamja 001, Falu Tsikiye 003, Gwasilwa 006, Tholo/Kongla 017, Krista Gwalura unit 013 and Kerau/Dagalim unit 002.

He equally prayed the tribunal to restore no fewer than 92 votes allegedly deducted from his votes at Walukrista/Walu Primary School and Dankal registration area, and sought for an order for supplementary election.

The tribunal however declined to grant all the relifs sought; instead, nullified election at the 2 polling units and ordered for supplementary election while delivering judgement in the petition.

It was based on the foregoing that the former Deputy Speaker of the assembly, Hon. Sunday Peter, stated that he was not afraid of the re-run election, saying that he is ahead with 858 valid votes, and that the judgement is just a distraction.

Hon. Sunday Peter further stated that he is still the member representing Guyuk constituency at the House of Assembly because the law allows him to seek redress at the court of appeal, assuring that either way, he will still emerge victorious.

The APC lawmaker stated that he is very sure of reclaiming his widely acclaimed mandate whichever way pendulum swings, and called on his constituents not to entertain any fear as nobody will snatch their mandate.