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Insecurity: From Monguno to Ribadu, Nigerians are hopeful of a better future


Insecurity: From Monguno to Ribadu, Nigerians are hopeful of a better future

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Tom Garba

Nigeria’s security architecture over the years was described as porous and leaking with all sorts of classified and its intelligence exposed, resulting in a high rate of diverse criminalities within the country and the covering borders.

The insecurity bedeviling the nation has left Nigerians with an obscured life, bringing a ripple effect of Health and Food insecurity, social and economic insecurity and double the poverty index of so many Nigerians. It was said that Nigeria’s insecurity was at a serious alarming rate- was the worst-case scenario in the world as reported by New York Times.

The return of Democracy in 1999 has come with its share of leadership responsibilities. This was one of the challenges the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo faced with the Niger Delta Militants and Umaru Musa Yar’adu somewhat combat the emergence of Boko Haram but short-lived to thrash it down.

The Boko Haram members regrouped and formed a more formidable and fierce force of Nigeria’s direct opposition to security. The insurgent movement survived through the leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. They destroyed millions of lives and properties in trillions destroyed, displaced hundreds of people in Millions. This is the Nigerians’ over the past few decades until President Muhammadu Buhari came and in a way degraded them by killing many of their combatant commandants but they metamorphosed into another form that the country is currently experiencing. The ISWAP, Banditry, spree of kidnapping, all of the militia, Fulani killers, and whatnot became the newest form of insecurity disturbing the nation.

The coming on board of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu has raised the hope of Nigerians whose policies are deliberate to bring about results and effect changes that will possibly secure the country.

The appointment of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as the new National Security Adviser (NSA), a former senior retired police officer (DIG) who single handed pioneered the Economy and Financial crime commission (EFCC) as the corruption fighting machine in the country and earned International acceptance has elated so many Nigerians.

Ribadu has stepped into the new office with strength and vigor spirit to work for the nation which is in dire need of a savior in the area of insecurity. It is more to say a candle has been liten up to see the darkest parts of insecurity for securing the nation.

The handle over ceremony in Abuja from the former NSA, Babagana Monguno who handed over the mantle of leadership to Ribadu was indeed a renewed hope to all Nigerians that the bandits will take to their heels, ISWAP, Boko Haram will no longer exist. The militants in the Niger Delta and the Fulani Herders crisis will be degraded. It is hopeful to say that Our borders under Mallam Nuhu are going to be secured, Nigerians are hopeful to sleep with their two eyes closed and have peace of mind in their respective communities or home of stay. Not a graveyard peace under the sprawling attacks of all criminals.

While collecting the button of leadership he was confident to say that; “Securing the nation is a continuous process. We will look at what has been done and build on it. We will count on your support in the course of discharging our responsibilities.

“Mr. President has a huge commitment to securing every inch of our country. We will work with all stakeholders to deliver on this vision.

“This enormous task of securing our country is that of all Nigerians and all friends of Nigeria.”

Ribadu was more of I’m willing to work to save Nigeria, I need the prayers and the hands of Nigerians to be on deck to secure the nation. He was more of saying that fighting insecurity is the work of everyone in the country to “say something if they see something. ”

Nigerians arise it’s a dawn of a new day where Hope should be kept alive in a renewed manner in the area of security. Nuhu will set another pace, I believe and I trust his capacity that soon and very soon we are going to witness a sigh of relief and our hope will be a lasting one.

Congratulations to Nigerians. God bless Nigeria, God bless Nuhu, and may He also bless the outgone NSA.

Tom Garba (B.Tech, MA. FIMC, FBDFM, SPSP). Is a Journalist, a political analyst, an opinion writer, and TG News Chief Publisher. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through these means: