Insecurity: Over 2,000 Fulanis turn vigilantes in Nassarawa


Insecurity: Over 2,000 Fulanis turn vigilantes in Nassarawa

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….extends the hand of Friendship to Turji, and others to ensure Nigeria is safe

In their efforts to curtail the high level of insecurity in many parts of Nigeria, Meyetti Allah Kaural Hore, a Fulani socio-cultural association formed a vigilante group numbering over Ten thousand in Nassarawa.

Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo, an initiator and leader of the group emphasized during the induction of the Fulanis vigilantes members known as Nomadic vigilante form working hand in hand with Nigeria Military, the Police, civil defense corps, and other sister security agencies to ensure the safety of people, properties and end all forms of criminality.

Bode said the efforts are to support the government in fishing out real criminals among the Fulanis without involving the innocent and hopes the idea will get the attention of the government at the federal level and security agencies.

He revealed that all members of the group were drawn from each household living in Nassarawa and this in a way to tell Nigerians that every bad element among the Fulanis can be easily traced out.

“We want the government to understand who we are and our intentions. The security agencies and the general public should also understand that we are here to support the government and help fight insecurity in the interest of everyone in the country.” Bodejo

He assured thatmonthstime, Nassarawa State will be free from all forms of insecurity and they will expand the group modi operations scope to other neighboring states.

He explained that they made a careful selection of every member and many of them are retired security officers like police, Army, DSS, and the rest and they are well trained not to kill anyone suspected to be criminal but to hand them over to state relevant security agencies for prosecution.

Bodejo said Turji and others who are stubborn criminals operating in the northwest of the country will be given an olive leaf of friendship to come on board to save the country from a high level of insecurity.

According to him the Fulanis are being labeled bad and have a black spot as the real enemies of Nigeria who are committing all sorts of crimes.

“We must clear our name and Image as Fulanis.” He said