Grassroot Researchers Association partners French Embassy and mark the international women day


Grassroot Researchers Association partners French Embassy and mark the international women day

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…. emphasize the promotion and Inclusion of Conflict Related Sexual Gender Base Violence (CR-SGBV) Survivors

The international women day was marked by Grassroots Researchers association (GRA) in Yola with an emphasize of promoting the Inclusion of Conflict Related Sexual Gender Base Violence (CR-SGBV) Survivors

This year’s theme is calling in government, Civil and corporate organizations, well-spirited individuals and religious groups, and associations to invest in women because that is what can accelerate progress in any given society.

The emphasis which is to Promote the inclusion of conflict related to sexual Gender-based Violence (CR-SGBV) Survivors was carefully selected by the UN to celebrate women.

Because of this year’s IWD celebration GRA in partnership with Dr Denis Mukwege and Ambassade de France AU Nigeria organized a Stakeholder meeting in Yola.

During the meeting in his opening remarks and welcoming Speech, the Monitoring Evaluation accountability and learning (MEAL) officer and Adamawa focal person of grasGrassroots Researcherociation, Friday Bitrus stressed that women are the bed bedrock of every given society hence the need to celebrate them in every year in.

Some of the participants who were drawn from the various segments of the society are; Associate Prof F.O.Awodoyin, Rev Esther Galbe, Rifkatu Yusuf, Mary Dauda, Mohammed Ardo, and Patience Briston. Habiba Hassan.

They were drawn from academics, religious groups, civil society, people living with disabilities (PLWD), and survivors who are advocates of Women’s inclusion.

The meeting in which our correspondent was in attendance discussed the challenges women are facing, especially the survivors of sexual Gender-based violence, and stated the way forward that women in society can be promoted.

They all agreed that if you train a woman, you train the whole nation because seventy percent of a child up bought from his or her mother.

They however agreed that women are the cause of their problems because of how they live, dress, and give so much to the frivolities of life.

They Mentioned worldliness, covetousness, and lack of contentment as some of the things that are making women not to be good mothers.

According to them, our society today is eluded of sound morals because mothers are not living up to the expectations and the life of a girl child is in danger who is in turn supposed to be a good future mother.

They blamed the technological innovation of Smarsmartphones and other accessories for accessing the Internet as one of the causes of Women’s abuse and sexual harassment.

They called on civil organizations to form advocacy groups that will fight for the rights of survivors and build their minds to boldness, encouraging them to live above the Stigma and trauma of any form of abuse.

To further mark the day, our Yola correspondent interviewed a survivor (Name withheld for fear of further victimization and stigmatization) and narrated the current hardship she is going through in Vinikiland of Girei local government area, a suburb of Jimeta, Adamawa State capital after she Secured her freedom from the Boko Haram camp in Sambisa forest

According to her the life then was normal and the difference from where she is now is the fact of being free and can do whatever she wants to do.

But hunger, and life of victimization, stigmatization, and all forms of harassment have been her daily experiences from all corners.

The 27-year-old single Mother of two revealed that back then in the calm she could eat whatever she wanted to eat at any given time.

She said her life as a survivor of sexual harassment and forceful marriage to a Man they later killed in the Forest is the regret she will ever live with.

The survivor who is from Gwoza, Southern Borno worried over the current relity of life that feeding herself and her two children has been a big challenge.

Our correspondent interviewed her and pleaded to be ananimous to mark the 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD) which the United Nations (UN) established to encourage the inclusion of Women in societies, especially in the structures of government