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Jimeta Residents commend Fintiri for addressing the challenges of poor drainage


Jimeta Residents commend Fintiri for addressing the challenges of poor drainage

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Residents of Jimeta have expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the commendable efforts of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri in addressing longstanding concerns related to drainage systems.

In an exclusive interview, locals commended the ongoing desilting, stone pitching, and lean concrete initiatives undertaken by Gongola Construction Company Ltd, contracted by the state government.

Usman Abubakar mentioned that decades of unmet expectations from successive administrations have left the community pleasantly surprised by the proactive measures taken under Governor Fintiri’s leadership.

Also speaking, Abubakar Adamu highlighted the positive impact of these initiatives, emphasizing the marked reduction in flooding within the metropolis this year.

Patience Kachalla, a resident of Doubeli is of the view that, unlike previous instances, only a few areas experienced partial flooding, underscoring the success of the state government’s efforts in desilting drainages.

Musa Mamman also expressed satisfaction with both the pace and quality of the work, attributing the positive changes to Governor Fintiri’s foresight. The administration’s commitment to addressing the long-standing issue of neglected drainages has been a source of relief for the community.

Acknowledging the transformative impact of these initiatives, Babangida Dege, a resident of Tafida Street now views the once-neglected drainages as receiving the attention they’ve yearned for.

However, in a call to action, residents are urged to reciprocate the government’s efforts by actively participating in safeguarding the drainages.

Community leaders, parents, and the youth are all called upon to play their part in ensuring the well-being of the people, aligning with the age-old wisdom that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

This transformative endeavor is not only a testament to effective governance but also a shared responsibility for the community to preserve the positive changes brought about by the desilting and drainage improvement initiatives