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Journalists elect Joel to Chair Yobe State SWAN chapter


Journalists elect Joel to Chair Yobe State SWAN chapter

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...Vows to take Sports Journalism lofty heights

from JOE Hemba

In an atmosphere charged with enthusiasm and anticipation, Mr. Duku JOEL, following his resounding victory, addressed members of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) in Yobe State.

The newly elected Chairman expressed his profound gratitude and sense of responsibility as he embarked on a journey to lead the association in promoting sports journalism and excellence within the state.

The election results, disclosed yesterday, affirmed Mr. Duku as the democratically elected Chairman with an unprecedented majority of votes, securing 8 out of 10 votes cast against Michael Oshoma of TVC.

Mr. JOEL began his address by acknowledging the collective triumph, emphasizing that his victory was not only a personal achievement but a celebration for all those who share a passion for sports journalism and the advancement of sporting endeavors in Yobe State.

He extended heartfelt appreciation to everyone who supported him throughout the election, highlighting the encouragement, trust, and belief in his capabilities that paved the way for this significant moment. Mr. JOEL assured his fellow sports writers that he fully understands the weight of the responsibility placed upon him and pledged to serve with utmost dedication and integrity.

Addressing the rich sporting culture of Yobe State, the new SWAN Chairman emphasized the duty of sports writers to amplify the stories of local athletes, teams, and the vibrant sports community. He noted that through their words, they have the power to inspire, celebrate, and foster unity among the people of Yobe.

Mr. JOEL reminded the gathering of the core values defining their profession—honesty, accuracy, and fairness. He stressed that their role extends beyond reporting victories and defeats; they are advocates for the comprehensive development of sports at all levels, acting as the voice of athletes, coaches, and fans.

Expressing his commitment to fostering collaboration and camaraderie within the association, Mr. JOEL envisioned a platform that encourages open dialogue, innovation, and the exchange of ideas. He welcomed suggestions and expressed eagerness to work collaboratively with each member to elevate the standards of sports journalism in Yobe State.

In the coming days, Mr. JOEL announced plans to engage with each member of the association to discuss collective goals and aspirations. He conveyed confidence that, with unity, determination, and a shared vision, remarkable success could be achieved in shaping the narrative of sports in Yobe State.

In conclusion, the newly elected SWAN Chairman urged members to embrace the challenges ahead with enthusiasm, recognizing the vital role of sports writers in influencing and shaping the narrative of sports within the state.

The sports journalism community in Yobe State eagerly anticipates the positive changes and advancements that Mr. JOEL’s leadership will bring to the field.