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KASU Kaduna: Alarming marginalization, discrimination statistics in State varsity released


KASU Kaduna: Alarming marginalization, discrimination statistics in State varsity released

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The Indigenous tribes and people of Southern Kaduna have consistently raised brazen alarm of alleged marginalization and discrimination against their indigenes working and schooling in their State owned ivory tower, the Kaduna State university, (KASU).

The current alarm was raised in a research statement released through various social media platforms including WhatsApp involving indigenous people of southern Kaduna entitled: “Appointment of principal officers in KASU: Islamisation in progress”.

The statement which came on the heels of the recent provocative comment made by the immediate past Governor of state Mal. Nasir El-rufai in a viral video, is alleging that indigenous people of southern Kaduna are not among the first 13 appointment of principal officers of KASU, an exclusion they attributed to planned gradual Islamization.

Recalled that the former Governor, Mal. Nasir el-rufai with Uba Sani, sitting by his left, in the short viral video clips addressing Islamic religious leaders, told the gathering in Hausa, that Muslim -Muslim ticket has come to stay in the state and people would soon accept that Muslims could rule the state with no injustice to other religions”.

El-rufai also said that “After Uba Sani complete his eight years as Governor, “it would be 16 years we would have been ruling the state. Right? Another person would take over to make it 24 years and everyone would say we have known our position and we know these Muslim would not cheat on us and we would have peace”.

In the research statement released, the Southern Kaduna indigenes predominantly Christians alleged that the state Varsity’s Vice Chancellor, Deputy VC Admin, Deputy VC Academic, Registrar, Bursar, University Librarian, Chief Security Officer, Dir. Academy Planning, DIr. Physical Planning, Dean Student Affairs amongst others are all Muslims.

Confirming the statement to our correspondent in Kaduna weekend, fearless Southern Kaduna popular Pastor, Rev. Davide Ayuba Azzaman, the Assistant General Overseer of Kings Chapel Int’l in Nigeria, Sabon Tasha vetoed the reports saying the entire marginalization allegations are true and correct.

Azzaman had earlier stated in interview that “There’s also a Stealth Jihad, by using political office to force Islamization on people”, saying that’s “what is going on in Kaduna with el-Rufai forcing it on people and Christian citizens of the state.

The research released by Southern Kaduna on marginalization of their people in KASU read in parts: “Dear brethren, I write with a bleeding heart! Permit me to take solace in the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior “If we fail to live as brothers, we will die as fools.
“The selection and the appointment of principal officers in KASU may have come and gone…This is the result:
1. Vice Chancellor – Muslim
2. Deputy VC Admin. – Muslim
3. Deputy VC Academic – Muslim
4. Registrar – Muslim
5. Bursar – Muslim
6. University Librarian – Muslim
7. Chief Security Officer – Muslim
8. Dir. Academy Planning – Muslim
9. DIr. Physical Planning – Muslim
10. Dean Student Affairs – Muslim
11. Director ICT- Muslim
12. Pro Chancellor – Muslim
13. Dir. University Advancement – Muslim; and still counting.

Tagged “The Islamization agenda”, the release added that “Places of Worship were not exempted from discrimination adding that
“Number of Mosques: = 6
Number of Chapel: = 0.

On staff recruitment ratio, it alleged that “Muslims = 70 percent, Christians = 30 percent, while student admission ratio is put at “Muslims= 75 percent, Christians = 25 percent respectively

Also In area of Student Union Government Leadership, it alleged that Muslims = 94 percent while
Christians =06 percent respectively.

“Class Reps Readers, Muslims = 97percent, christians = 03 percent, noting that the scheming for more Muslims Deans and HODs are in progress.

“Brethren, the legacy of Mallam Nasir El -Rufai’s ideology of Muslim domination, violent/non violent Jihad and systemic Islamization is real and alive in KASU.

“The outright denial and technical elimination of Prof. John Gambo Laah becoming the deserved Vice Chancellor has says it all.

“Buckle your belt all Christian Academic, Technical and Admin. staff. The obvious persecution and the weeding process has just been activated.
“Your appointment may be terminated, you may be made redundant, your promotion/appointment may be denied, your wards may be denied admission/appointment, for the simple reason that you are a Christian”, it stated.

It continue that “It is a pity, annoying, frustrating and very unfortunate that some of our Christian senior colleagues, Professors and members of Senate are just dancing to the gallery in the pretext of a good team players.

“They play dirty compromising politics with the destinies and fates of our children and children’s children.

“The ugly and disgusting drama that played out yesterday (recently) during nomination of our only brave Prof. S.P. Bako, as DVC admin. has painfully confirmed the fears and raise questions on some of our Christian senior Professors!!!

“Going memory lane, the last time public recruitment of staff were announced and conducted in KASU was during the reigns of Prof. W.B. Qurix, the then Vice Chancellor.

“However, from 2017 to date, KASU has witnessed a massive influx of all cadre of employees without any public advertisement and proper screening. In fact, some are even employed without job description and duty post.
“All you will hear, is “leave them, they will learn on the job. The wind of JIHAD is blowing real. Use your tongue to count your teeth. Desperate times are here!!!”, it stated. End….