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Knocks for Atiku over controversial tweet on Tinubu’s academic records


Knocks for Atiku over controversial tweet on Tinubu’s academic records

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The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 election, Atiku Abubakar, has come under fire for tackling President Bola Tinubu over the latter’s academic records at Chicago State University (CSU), United States.

The former vice president had recently approached a U.S. court for an order compelling Chicago State University (CSU) to release the academic records of Tinubu.

The Nation reports CSU had replied, confirming that President Tinubu graduated from the institution in 1979.

Tinubu’s credentials show that he graduated from CSU in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting and management.

Atiku via his verified twitter account on Sunday, wondered how President Tinubu attended Chicago State University without primary and secondary education.

His tweet, however, elicited flurry of reactions.

Many of the president’s supporters rose stoutly in defense of Tinubu. They knocked Atiku for making such comments.

Atiku said: “I woke up this morning wondering how we got to this cul de sac.

“In 1999, @officialABAT claimed he attended St. John’s Primary School, Aroloya, Lagos, before proceeding to Children Home School in Ibadan.

“According to him, his next port of call in his educational journey was Government College Ibadan and, Richard Daley College and Chicago State University in the United States. Curiously, in 2023, Tinubu settled with attending only @ChicagoState. I am scratching my head.

“How is that possible? Methinks that all well-meaning Nigerians should be as confused as I am with Tinubu’s declaration that he had no primary and secondary education, yet he has a university degree. You may wish to #AskTinubu how he attained this feat so that we can learn from his ingenuity”.

Reacting, a commenter Musa Ahmad (@real_aahmad) said: “You’re not talking about winning the election now but Tinubu’s educational background. I don’t know how you suddenly retire from active politics to Twitter influencer”

Another social media user, @Balogun_Jamih, said: “Just as El-Rufai retired Shehu Sani to the club of wailer and Twitter influencers. President Tinubu has successfully retired Atiku Abubakar to the club of wailer and Twitter influencers.

@Asakemijimi lampooned Atiku saying: “President Tinubu is really giving Atiku sleepless nights. Since when did Atiku start doing shalaye on Twitter? Sir, please try again in 2031.”

Another user, @chibuzo_mikel tweeted: “I said it that Atiku needs help. Losing four presidential elections can affect the mental state of the strongest man negatively.”

@jeffphilips1 said: “Look at that tweet again and it’ll dawn on you that Tinubu, in his first go at the presidency, not just only defeated Atiku, but he actually retired him after 32yrs in the race.”

@Egi_nupe_ tweeted: “If Atiku didn’t engage in petty and dirty politics since 2007 that he’s been contesting, I strongly doubt 2023 will make him do that.

“Atiku is the most classy and mature political figure we have ever seen. He doesn’t roll in the mud, and would never stoop so low, no matter what. So I don’t believe that he authorized that Tweet. Never!”
(The Nation)