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The leader of Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative aka Rescue Movement For New Nigeria and former Labour Party presidential aspirant, Comrade Faduri Oluwadare Joseph aka Fadojoe, has decried the insensitivity of the Nigerian lawmakers over the purchase of exotic car at N160 million per lawmaker; at this time when the economy of the country is on free fall, that many civil servants can no longer feed their family due to ridiculously low earnings and ridiculously high cost of food, as well as the worst fuel situation due to the unguided announcement of subsidy removal without adequate preparation to cushion the effects.

This he disclosed through his audio media chat with newsmen in Nigeria on Thursday October 19, 2023. According to Fadojoe, “it’s so shameful that at a time when our dear country, Nigeria is going through the worst economic downturn since the history of the existence of the country, our Lawmakers could use borrowed funds by the government to buy exotic cars for themselves; at the cost of over N160 million per lawmaker. At the time when the sudden announcement of subsidy removal has thrown the nation in total disarray. At a time when an average Nigerian can no longer afford three square meal, in fact, when some families can’t even afford two meals a day. At a time when education is becoming so expensive that many people are dropping out of school. At a time when nothing has been done about the bad roads all over the country. At a time when people can no longer send their kids to school as they desired. At a time when so many youths are graduating and there is no job. At time when many companies are closing down and leaving the shores of our country for other nations: our Lawmakers and our political class who are supposed to show examples, are the same people gifting themselves exotic cars of over N160 million”.

The activist further lamented that it is over 7 months that president Bola Ahmed Tinubu assumed office, and the government that couldn’t afford to increase minimum wage from N30,000 despite the free fall of the nation economy, yet the Lawmakers major concern now is Exotic official cars of over N160 million for each of them.

He referred to that as height of “insensitivity exhibited by heartless political class in a nation that has been so indebted” that the country’s debt servicing cost has risen by 55.71% to N1.24 trillion this 2023. Yet we are borrowing $1.5 billion that supposed to be for project out of which, it’s obvious that these cars will be purchased from the additional debt.

Referring to the situation as “recklessness” he added that it is so shameful that the leaders that are supposed to lead by example, claiming to go to the National Assembly to serve could display such attitude depicting that they don’t care about the plight of the ordinary citizens. Even the Labour Party Lawmakers that rose to power on the wing of the “ObiDient” movement clamouring for a new Nigeria will also collect the exotic cars that the government borrowed to buy and cruise in the car without guilty conscience.

Stressing that this is shameful for the APC government of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu that the president could not intervene to say this is wrong in a country that the economy is nosediving. Lamenting further he asked what kind of country we are running when “this money could have been used to create jobs, when such money can be put into education, or into fixing our electricity, or to fix our dead refineries, to ensure we have good road in Nigeria or to ensure education is affordable. Or such money could have been used to ensure we have functional car manufacturing company in Nigeria.

“I have been to 26 countries around the world that the citizens leave better than Nigerians due to good governance, yet in most of these countries, their political class don’t ride such exotic cars at the expense of the citizens. Rather they use cars produced in the country. Examples of these nations are USA, UK, Canada, even Mexico, even Dubai and many other nations.

“What happened to our nation, why are our political leaders so selfish, so heartless and so insensitive to the plight of the suffering masses in the country? We must change all these political structures of materialism and of oppression: until then before we can say we have a nation. We are watching, the world is watching. But it’s certain that one day there will be a new Nigeria we all crave for, as the kind-hearted Nigerians yearning for good governance will take their country back”, he concluded.