Leaked audio: Again Sex Scandals Involve Provost’s Son Rocks Adamawa College of Nursing


Leaked audio: Again Sex Scandals Involve Provost’s Son Rocks Adamawa College of Nursing

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What suppose to be a decent Teacher-Student relationship has turned illicit when one Faisal Aminu, Son to the Provost, Adamawa College of Nursing and Midwifery Yola was alleged to have raped a student of the college, one Fauziya.

Leaked audio involving the Provost, Dr. Lami, Aminu, and one Faizi, her Mother confirmed the Sex scandals.

In the leaked Audio the provost was heard talking to Fauzi’s Mother to write an undertaking to have denied a purported letter written by her accusing Faisal (her son) of raping her.

The case which has been in the public domain and also reported to the police, Lami in the audio was also heard trying to convince Fauzi to withdraw the letter written by her of the rape.

The intricate and confusing sex escapades have been seen to dent the image of the institution which ought to be a moral and academic learning ground.

The conversation between Dr Lami (Provost) and Fauzi revealed how the duo want a cover up the sex scandal from her Father, a reason of her denying the letter she has written before.

“I wrote the first letter that Faisal raped, the but letter denied it because my Father was not aware of the whole issue, only my Mother was aware of it.

“Faisal begged me to withdraw the case from the police because I said he raped me and you are angry with him. I’m talking to you Mommy because I want Justice from you. It was Fawho is said that I should deny the letter of the rape.” Fauziya said

While trying to confirm the authenticity of the audio and the encompassing case scenario, Daily Times made cogent steps to talk to the provost of the school (Lami Aminu) by visiting the school but met her absent.

This medium also made intermittently several calls, but didn’t return her missed dropped calls.

After several hours of waiting to return her calls failed, this medium sent a short message service (SMS) thus:

“Good morning Ma, kindly avail us the opportunity to confirm a trending audio involving You, one Fauzi, and her Mother over a rape scandal with one Faisal in your school.

“Thanks in anticipation of your kind response.”

After days of waiting for her reply, Lami later sent an SMS thus:

“Good morning you,kindly go to the police Hqters to get the accurate information because right now investigation is on going thanks.”

The matter TG NEWS checks revealed that both the Fauzi family members and Dr. Lami want it swept under the carpet because Faisal is a lecturer newly employed in the institution as there is already a pornography video of the sex scandals trending in many social media platforms .

You would recall that Adamawa College of Nursing has been having cases of sex, exam, and malpractice, and admission racketeering involving students and other management staff in recent times.