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Leaked audio: Attacks on Bindow is a sign of Adamawa APC failure in 2023-Sajoh


Leaked audio: Attacks on Bindow is a sign of Adamawa APC failure in 2023-Sajoh

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An All Progressives Congress, APC, whose unreserved loyalty is known with his steadfast propagation of the party’s ideals has foresighted the failure of the party in 2023.

Alhaji Khaleel Sajoh who is from Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa state in a courtesy call to the TG NEWS office in Yola said the leaked audio of some APC in a formal meeting to broker peace between political beef of two factions in the local government was commendable.

He however condemned the demeaning part of the meeting insulting the personality of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Sajoh whose views have exonerated Senator Muhammadu Jibrilla Bindow, the immediate past Governor of the State, and played the role of peace mediator to Unite the lingering crisis of the political gladiators in Yola South.

According to him, it beat his imagination for people to keep on dragging Umaru’s name over his good intentions of the party everybody knows he is a critical stakeholder in the state.

Sajoh registered his concern and worried about the party drifting to losing out in the coming 2023 General elections if they tow the parts of attacking members of the party who are pillars of APC in the state.

He said Bindow in that leaked audio is no doubt a party to the insults meted on Buhari and asked why should some people in the party sponsor campaign of calumny against him.

“If our party stakeholders resulted in political skirmishes against themselves just to gain grounds in the coming 2023 elections I said this Is a never possible dream for all of them and the party at large.

” I see a total downfall of APC with the way and manner our leaders are towing the part of disunity, their penchant selfish interest is what will kill the party in Adamawa. Take it or leave it, if this “mess” does not stop we can’t take back power come 2023. They are just wasting their time believing in the numerical strength that is passive.

“Tell me if at this latent stage the people we consider leaders of our great party can sit down and think of bringing themselves down through recording one another, then how can they trust themselves and equally unite in the basis of trust to work in the interest of the party?

” What is painting me most is how Bindow’s genuine heart, sincerity, and innocence have been turned upside down and his goodness has been misinterpreted for evil.

“We all know who is Bindow, he doesn’t join issues with anyone, he can’t fight, always down to earth, he can’t insult the likes of President Muhammadu Buhari who is more of a Father to him.

” The bottom line is that no unity, no power for Adamawa APC come 2023,” Khaleel said

Khaleel who is the Adamawa state Coordinator, Northern Region of the APC Social media promoters said he will work within the clock to make sure peace, unity is ensured in the party as he is a vanguard of APC Unity.

He called on concerned youth to reach out to him through this means;
08066383663 for a team up strategic planning to salvage the party from the spirit of hate and acrimony that will lead them to failure in 2023.