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Let’s stop the blames games- Rev Shall of Adamawa YOWICAN’s Speech to serve for five yrs


Let’s stop the blames games- Rev Shall of Adamawa YOWICAN’s Speech to serve for five yrs

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….calls on Youth to unite for peaceful co-existence and development

During an inaugural speech by the Adamawa State Chairman of the Youth Wing of Christian Association (YOWICAN) at the CAN Secretariat in Yola, Revered Gabriel Shall made a passionate appeal to the entire Christian body of Christ in the State to unite by embracing one another.

Gabriel’s acceptance speech to serve the YOWICAN for five years called on the Youth to put aside any blame game or accuse Fingers of any issues.

According to him the Christian body has experienced leadership crises over the years and cautioned that no storms leave any organization the same, it either leaves it Weaker or stronger.

He worried that whenever differences are not properly managed, they turn to Disagreement and disagreement leads to a crisis in the end which will lead to separation and isolation.

He however praised God that the turbulences that engulfed Adamawa YOWICAN have made them stronger rather than breaking away.

“A Lot were offended, hurt and disgruntled but am pleading today that we forgive each other and embrace peace, loving each other just as the scripture rightly states in John 13:34: ” A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another,” Gabriel said

He continued to say: “YOWICAN is not an idea of an individual neither does it belong to a single Bloc but it is the submission of the Youth from all the Blocs of CAN that is why we will run a leadership of inclusivity and Oneness. I am urging every Youth from all Blocs to come together with various ideas, suggestions, and perspectives to deliver as the mandate demands of us. I assure you that our ears are wide open.

“It will interest you to note that the number of Christian Youths in Adamawa is running into two Million and above, which is a great number for Strategic and corporate Vision towards installing great ideas and structures into place for a more robust Society and Governance in Adamawa State.

“I sincerely wish to salute our courage and determination in making firm decisions for the betterment of our dear state in the past, and I am full of Faith that we will continue to work with one voice and spirit for stability.

“When there is an absence of Economic growth and development in a place, it indicates that there is no peace in place and the absence of peace indicates the absence of Unity. Unity as a whole is the foundation for anything good we will ever aspire to or desire.

“Unity must remain our kick start and after all, we must end it. Most importantly the unity of the youths because it’s the bedrock of decisions that shape the future and to achieve this, we must lay aside our Denominational, personal, and political differences to work together in adherence to God’s word which is also the Motto of our organization.
John 17:21 That they all may be one.

“Worthy of Mention is The Government of His Excellency Ahmadu Umaru Finitri who has worked his fingers to the bones to ensure Peace is restored as well as tangible developmental programs for all citizens of our state, He is a leader that has proven himself by managing multi diversity in the State and running a government of Inclusiveness in his 7 Point agenda, this among many is worthy of applause.

“Like the leadership of state CAN Adamawa are cooperating with the government, we will give maximum cooperation to the state government for the benefit of all the Adamawa Youths in keeping sure that no one is left behind, religion and ethnicity notwithstanding.

“This leadership is committed to discovering and developing the potential of the youths across the State (21 local Governments) at the same time giving them the platform and equal opportunity to rise for the betterment of our communities and state at large.

“Finally, I can’t end without applauding the CAN Adamawa state Caretaker committee comprising of all Bloc Leaders beginning from My Bloc CPFN/PFN, TEKAN/ECWA, CCN, CSN, OAIC For their unweaving support and untired efforts within this few Weeks of their emergence into the office to ensure Order, Discipline, and ethics are upheld in adherence to CAN constitution.

” I am yet again, reaffirming our Allegiance to the NATIONAL YOWICAN and the Adamawa state mother CAN that We will ensure Oneness and transparency to the best out abilities where.

“We will keep praying, Planning, strategizing, and executing towards leaving a mark that Can’t be erased nor forgotten in making Adamawa the Land of our Dreams.”