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Massive Devt : Fintiri earns a life time Adamawa G’ship seat- Rep Dauda


Massive Devt : Fintiri earns a life time Adamawa G’ship seat- Rep Dauda

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House of Representatives (HoR) member, Rt Honorable Zacharia Dauda Nyampa has praised the Governor of Adamawa State, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri over what he described as massive development in all parts of the state.

Dauda who is representing Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency Ahmadu has earned a permanent license of a life time Governor of the State.

Left to Dauda the Executive Governor who is running down his second term tenure remain a Governor for life to make Adamawa State a standard of world modern development in the country.

According to him if Fintiri should continue to be a Governor beyond 2027 is confident that Adamawa State will be transformed to a mini Dubai or China because of the vision he has seen for the State.

The ranking media in an interview with this media stated that Governor Fintiri’s leadership has contributed to stability and progress to numerous areas of Adamawa State, notably healthcare, infrastructure development, education, and economic growth.

“The children of the poor that graduated recently from Mewar University in India is second none in nothern Nigeria”.

Under Governor Fintiri’s administration, Adamawa has developed roads, bridges, and other necessary facilities, considerably improving the state’s infrastructure and improving access and connectivity for its citizens.

Along with improving people’s lives, the commitment to enhancing the state’s infrastructure has drawn in investments and boosted the economy.

Not only that, but Governor Fintiri’s initiatives have really improved healthcare and education.

Through investments in education, such as repairing school facilities and supplying necessary resources, Fintiri has demonstrated its dedication to empowering the young people of Adamawa and giving them access to high-quality education.

Comparably, the people living in the state today have access to improved healthcare facilities, such as refurbished hospitals and clinics. Apart from these noteworthy achievements, Governor Fintiri’s commitment to efficient administration and leadership style have won the people of Adamawa to trust and appreciate him.

He sets himself out as a representative who cares about the people he represents by putting the needs of the people first, aggressively seeking out citizen input, and advocating for more responsibility and openness.

With all of the good reforms and tranquilly that Governor Fintiri has brought about in Adamawa State, it makes sense why Rt Hon. Nyampa would back his continued term in office.

Given the Fintiri laid foundation as well as generated momentum, more advancement and improvement for the Adamawa people are probably in store.

Like any other leader, Governor Fintiri might identify space for development in a number of areas. Addressing any present issues, such promoting inclusivity, ensuring sustainable development, and expanding opportunities for all citizens, is essential to ensuring the ongoing progress and prosperity of Adamawa State.

It is evident from Rt Hon. Nyampa’s desire for Governor Fintiri to remain in office that he recognises the positive developments that Fintiri has brought about in Adamawa State. With a stellar track record, a commitment to good leadership, and a positive future