MDAs officers are IPPIS fraud perpetrators – HoSF laments


MDAs officers are IPPIS fraud perpetrators – HoSF laments

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The Head of Service of the Federation (HoSF), Mrs. Folashade Esan, has indicted desk officers of Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) in Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) of Government for perpetrating fraud in recruitment exercise.

She, however, denied getting 10 percent job slots from MDAs.

Esan said this while appearing before the House of Representatives committee investigating job racketeering in MDAs and mismanagement of IPPIS in Abuja on Monday.

She said many MDAs violated waivers in job recruitment, adding that she also discovered that some IPPIS staff were perpetrating evil in MDAs.

She said once the HoSF discovered such foul play in enrollment, it immediately informed the ICPC.

She said aside from reporting such officers, the HoSF immediately swung into action by commencing disciplinary action against those officers, adding that several officers had been disciplined for perpetrating such.

Rep. Wole Oke (PDP-Osun), a member of the committee, had posed a question to the HoSF, asking if it was true that the HoSF got 10 percent of job recruitment allocation from MDAs.

Esan had also responded that: “I want to categorically state that the HoSF renders service to MDAs and we do not request such a percentage from any MDA.”

“The first time I heard it, I asked the director in charge that I must not hear such a thing any longer and that if they were doing it before I came, it must not happen again.

On the issue of waiver for employment, Esan said the HoSF often went around to monitor such, noting that though the HoSF could not be in every establishment, it ensured proper monitoring.

“All we do is to monitor to ensure they have not exceeded waiver. We ensure that IPPIS does not enroll unless they have approval from the Federal Character Commission, HoSF, and the Budget office,” she said.

“Some MDAs are in the habit of employing more than the waiver given, but the HoSF always ensures that it is difficult to enroll them on IPPIS as a mechanism to checkmate such MDAs.

“Many agencies have violated waivers and we have discovered that some IPPIS staff are perpetrating evil in the MDAs.

“Once we discovered foul play in the enrollment we informed ICPC and started disciplinary action against those officers.

“We have several officers that we have disciplined for perpetrating fraud in MDAs,’’ she said.

She said when the HoSF gave universities a waiver for recruitment, it often discovered that schools usually prioritised non-academics above the academic staff.

She added that the National University Commission agreed with her that such an instance was becoming a big problem.