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Media and Disability Rights Groups Unite to Promote Inclusive Reporting in Kaduna


Media and Disability Rights Groups Unite to Promote Inclusive Reporting in Kaduna

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Mike Odeh James

The Organization of Persons with Disabilities (OPD) in Kaduna has teamed up with media professionals to promote accurate and inclusive reporting on disability issues. The forum urged for a shift in the narrative when addressing people with disabilities in news reports.

The meeting highlighted the need for training and capacity building for journalists to effectively report on disability matters without perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

In a communiqué signed by Mrs. Risikat Toyin Mohammed and Comrade Shindong Bala, the forum called on government institutions, individuals, and organizations to support inclusion.

On May 31, 2024, concerned media organizations met at the NUJ Secretariat in Kaduna to discuss issues affecting Persons With Disabilities and promote professional reportage.

Attendees included the Executive Director of Women With Disability Self-Reliance Foundation and representatives from various media outlets, including Procyo Radio/Television, Truth Nigeria, and Africa Independent Television.

Discussions centered around the low coverage of disability issues, inadequate reporting capacity, and resulting stigma and discrimination.

The meeting discovered that some projects and organizations failed due to inadequate information sharing, leading to a lack of engagement with media.

The forum resolved to provide training for media personnel on disability issues, adopt sensitive language, and establish a partnership between OPD and media organizations.

Regular information sharing and reporting on disability issues were also agreed upon.

The goal is to increase government recognition, planning, and public awareness, ultimately promoting a more inclusive society.

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