Metaphysics: Adamawa Man confesses turning Neighbor to a chicken for three week for witchcraft killing


Metaphysics: Adamawa Man confesses turning Neighbor to a chicken for three week for witchcraft killing

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A 23 year old man simply identified as Tangla Isuwa has confessed bewitching a neighbour as well as turning him to a chicken for 3 weeks in Adamawa State

Tangla, who hails from Dong community in Demsa Local Government Area, confessed that he had bewitched Danladi Markus for allegedly killing his father by witchcraft in the community.

It was against this backdrop that some youth in the community descended on Tangla and beat him up in an attempt to kill him for the alleged crime.

Already, the police command through its spokesman, SP Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, on Monday, confirmed the arrest of about 15 persons for allegedly assaulting the suspected witch.

Narrating the incident while being interrogated by SP Nguroje, Tangla said that sometimes in 2020, a man known as Mabudi gave him charms to fortify himself, explaining that Mabudi had asked him to mix the charms with white chicken and eat after cooking it.

Tangla narrated the metaphysic world story and said he had eaten the chicken mixed the charms, he started seeing animals like rats, horses and cattle with 3 legs and sometimes 6 legs without other people seeing them.

Tangla said that it was at this point in time that he knew he had been initiated into occultism, saying that since then, he became a full fledged witch.

He further narrated that his biological father died this year, and that it was Danladi Markus and his step father known as Absalom who killed him by witchcraft.

According to him, after the death of his father, he met Mabudi and informed him about his plan to retaliate by killing Danladi Markus by witchcraft.

He said that he caught Danladi’s spirit by 2:00am and handed over to other witches where they tied him with ropes on a mango tree, saying that Danladi became critically ill.

He pointed out that a family meeting was summoned, and that at the meeting, Danladi started mentioning his name and that of Mabudi as those responsible for his sickness.

He said that Mabuda escaped from the venue of the meeting leaving him behind, and that immediately some youth in the community stormed the meeting and forced him to lose Danladi or kill.

Tangla explained that he had pleaded with the youth to wait until 12:00am for him to lose Danladi and assured them that they will not kill him, but that he will ensure his safety.

According to him, he went into the spirit and untied him, but that he suffered a lot because Mabudi did not want him to lose Danladi but to slaughter him for meat.

Tangla Isuwa assured that he had succeeded in releasing Danladi and that he is at the moment sound and healthy, insisting that he is a witch and vehemently denied killing anybody.